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A six-a-side Spelling Bee was br b oadcast by the BBC from London's Alexandra Palace, on o May 31, 1938, and hosted by by question master Freddie Grisewood.
How much more logical it would have been for the Mastermind question master to have joined the campaign to encourage everybody to put all that packaging back in the carrier bag and take it back to the supermarket the next time they shop.
As series 15 of the regular run continues, it's only humans allowed as question master John Humphrys continues his quest to find the 2017 champion.
It's just a stern question master, a black chair and a few contestants being asked questions on a specific subject that interests them followed by a general knowledge round.
And keeping order as question master will be BBC WM's breakfast show presenter Pete Morgan.
Alexander found fame after his verbal jousts with question master and Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman.
Question master Derek Brown, the Telegraph's Nuneaton-based sports writer, said: "It should be a good night and an enjoyable one as well.
JUNIOR Mastermind (BBC1, Monday and Wednesday) began in 2004, when we were pleasantly surprised at the intelligence of the contestants - not least question master John Humphrys.
This is a popular event and has been going for years, Rod is a good question master with a quirky sense of humour which keeps the evening at the right level, lighthearted but with the challenge still there.
However, when the series returned a few years ago, Lucas was busy with other projects, so the job of question master went to former guest Angelos Epithemiou.
And the picture shows some of the competitors ahead of the quiz with question master Brian Blacker (left).
Question master John Humphreys puts them to task and you can test your own general knowledge from the comfort of an armchair as you follow them to victory or disappointment.
Fry is the question master of this quiz where the questions are so difficult that the panel lists aren't expected to get them right; the chairman only gives points for interesting answers, regardless of whether they are correct,or even relevant.
Local radio presenter Malcolm Boyden (Radio WM) was question master for the event which raises funds for the Lord Mayor's charities.
Teacher Idwal Moore poses as question master to quiz 11-year-olds William Bommiger and Amrit Padd and fellow pupils.