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a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question

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Working with welders who built boats on the river, Alec also recruited a group of unemployed and retired Inverclyde folk to create a series of question marks - an important motif in George's work.
After putting the team's parent company into voluntary liquidation, owner Paul Ragan must now deal with fresh question marks over the future of a permanent home for the Devils.
It's proper order that the question marks should be there and the question marks are there in our heads.
Arthur also said he had question marks over England's batting order.
Contractual talks are ongoing but that does not place a question mark over Rio's loyalty, his commitment or desire
Having just entered into the war with Iraq, the nation's economy was plagued by question marks in 2003, leaving the New York office space market idle.
becomes the artist's altered ego, an extraterrestrial maker and distributor of universal signs: question marks, Ping-Pong balls, or wave lines, a more recent signature symbol, formed by tennis balls in a swimming pool in 1992 or drawn on the floor in the "antiperformance" Nova vaznost', 1991.
What would have become of the humpty-dumpty confederacy in old Alexandria, when they wanted question marks, wanted good news about Tarbaby and rumors of Stagger Lee?
The two biggest question marks lie at opposite ends of the world.
However, while the asterisk can represent any number of characters in the word(s) found, one or more question marks in the term stand only for words with a single character in the exact location of each question mark in the search term.
This week's question marks the first in a series that will run today through Monday, April 16.
When I talk about them being probably the most settled side in a while, there's still a few question marks around their side," Ponting told BBC radio.
He insists question marks over the form and fitness of Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney make it almost impossible for them to go all the way.
But after the graduation of All-Area pitcher Kyla Sullivan, Saugus has some question marks in the circle.
There are some question marks over whether they can go that next step and turn outstanding performances into great victories.