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a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question

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needs the question mark to be understood; and in Syriac, zawga elaya marks just these otherwise ambiguous expressions.
Coakley's discovery that the zagwa elaya may in fact is a question mark identifies Syriac as the first language to use punctuation as a grammatical indicator of a question.
The question mark seeks to unhinge infallibility as a teacher and the guilt that ensues when one's own expectations are unmet.
Mr Biggs, who commissioned the infamous Yoko Ono female sex organ pictures for the last biennial in 2004, said some funding for the question mark had come from the Mersey Basin campaign which wants to raise issues about what Liverpool and Wirral are doing about their shared waterfront heritage.
Question Mark contains his personal web log about what he has been involved in each day, questions and comments made by council workers alongside his replies and a discussion forum where staff can post comments and discuss ideas and issues around topics he has set.
The arches are associated with unhealthy food and of course by putting that question mark in there, this is a desperate attempt to persuade people to see the McDonald's products as a healthy option.
The use of the question mark indicates that Hood (2004) was not sure of this, and I commend that hesitant punctuation mark.
The very term Anti-Happening (written on the first textcard, from 1965) is typical of Koller's skepticism, which is symbolized by the question mark, one of his early emblems, presented on a flag above a deserted swimming pool in 1969 or formed by Koller and a group of kids on a hill in 1978 (Universal Futurological Question Mark [U.
He not only provides the question mark of how to be a leader and manager but he also presents an outline on how to successfully manage a law enforcement agency by using common sense, along with the known policies and procedures.
It's a question that plagues any small player in the mobile arena in Japan, but if you're a foreign company that question mark may be followed by an exclamation point.
So I do come into this with a bias of my own, but I do understand that, absent scientific proof, there has to be a question mark at the end.
Most butterflies, including the question mark, usually get salt from the ground.
The corps' pretty pastel-pink and silver brocades and Odette's snowy white feathers gave Swan Lake's first act an elegant candy coating, while Rothbart's venomous green and soot-black cape was the perfect foil for Odile's saucy headdress, its feather cocked to one side like a question mark as Mashkina whipped out her fouettes, each flick of the leg as sharp, swift and sure of Siegfried, with a glower worthy of Cruella de Vil.
The ultimate demand for super computers is a question mark with estimates ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion for this market depending upon cost reductions in the super computers and performance enhancements that have been promised.
Question Mark Computing says it has become the first company to integrate the XML-based Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) specification from IMS, a global coalition of technology vendors, with its own software.
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