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a tortilla that is filled with cheese and heated

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A follow-up on its succulent products such as the Doritos Taco and Cheetos Crunchwrap, Cheetos Quesadilla is a blanket of Jalapeno-flavored Cheetos strips with oozing amounts of melted cheese.
We've taken two of our classic Tex-Mex favorites - the chicken quesadilla and the grilled chicken taco - then added the unique smoky flavor that only Hatch chiles can offer.
Not only will your quesadillas be oozing with 'cheese,' the Fiesta Blend (with cheddar and pepperjack) adds a spicy kick to your Mexican-inspired dishes.
In the dessert department, we only tried the Nutella Taco, which turned out to be more of a quesadilla than a taco-- a nice concept, but the tortilla could have been a bit softer to avoid any lost teeth.
bar] Quesadillas, pictured, can be made with chapattis instead of tortillas and filled with curried chicken for a Mexican-Indian fusion I wasn't keen at first as I enjoy the process of grocery purchasing in person, particularly spotting my favourite foods and special offers on things I don't really need.
For a cracking fusion of flavours, Scottish-style quesadilla.
Shah said that the new fresh Mexican-style Quesadilla is being packaged with a family combo offer, to ensure that maximum consumers can try and indulge in this tasty product available at very affordable prices.
Quesadillas, which he contends is the best sandwich you can eat, was a dish introduced by Europeans as far back as the sixteenth century.
As the name implies, this is supposed to be a bigger quesadilla, more satisfying than just a regular quesadilla made with a flour tortilla.
Turn this everyday recipe into fun party fare by setting up a quesadilla bar with assorted fillings for your guests to choose, then grill their customized quesadillas to order.
Put a quesadilla in the pan and, using a spatula, press down lightly while it cooks for one to two minutes.
Actually, there are plenty of places, since the quesadilla has successfully made the transition from Hispanic specialty to a common feature on bistro, cafe and casual dining chain eatery menus.
Chicken quesadilla, chicken tacos, chicken satay, chicken in lettuce leaves--they've all become essentials on the American appetizer menu.
com shows that its steak quesadilla contains 550 calories and 31 grams of total fat--48 percent of your Daily Value (%DV) based on a recommended 2,000-calorie daily diet.
Carefully lift the quesadilla out of the skillet with a spatula and place it on a plate.