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Synonyms for query




Synonyms for query

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for query

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Our contribution lies in providing scale independence for querying graph database and mongodb in hadoop environment.
At the same time, collaborative querying has been shown to be useful in helping users reformulate queries in IR systems (Fu, Goh, Foo, & Supangat, 2004).
0 also contains a query generation engine that supports queries spanning multiple data table to improve querying capabilities.
These templates can be constructed offline and used to simplify querying by allowing a user to apply an existing template rather than compose a query.
Regulations for the Data Bank were published in final form on October 17, 1989 (45 CFR Part 60) and are included as an appendix to the NPDB Guidebook, which contains deitaled guidance for reporting, querying, and understanding the Data Bank.