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a primitive stone mill for grinding corn by hand

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The polished-bronze saddle quern will be awarded to the winner of the EBF Stallions Gold Castle National Hunt Novice Hurdle Race and The Summer Champion Hurdle is now the Stone of Destiny Handicap Hurdle Race.
Although material culture clearly connected with domestic or residential activities--such as stone querns, loom weights, ceramic vessels and lithic artefacts as well imprinted lumps of mud perhaps resulting from hut architecture--is often found inside these pits, in light of their morphology very few of them could be described as dwellings.
It concerns four parody masses for five voices, written to the motifs of motets by various composers (Missa super Mariae Magdalenae, super Dum complerentur, super Et valde mane and super Quern vidistis pastores), two cycles of propria missae for five voices (in Dominica Pentecostes, in Dedicatione Ecclesiae) and the motet for five voices Znamenej kfestan verny (Remember, Faithful Christian).
Brands include O Boticario, Eudora, Quern Dissem, Berenice?
Since 1970 serves as the study's terminus ad quern, the impact of feminism on the academy (or of the theory boom in general, for that matter) does not make its presence felt to any extent, although Leonard sometimes discusses books published after this date.
Traditionally, the women use a specific technique for oil extraction where they start roasting the seed to give the oil a nutty flavor, then grinding the roasted seeds into a paste with a small amount of water between a rotary stone quern.
Tractatum hunc quern vobis pater carissime caritatis affectu transmitto quern eciam in capitula diuersa," apparently unique.
Carmina nempe tua dico meliora Maronis carminibus, celsi cantibus Ouidii, odis quas cecinit Flaccus, uerbosus Homerus Corduba quern genuit, Affrica quern tenuit.
Zephyrus: Ni fallor, est Zephyrus: If I am not mistaken, Apollo, quern colitis.
In the Latin, this sentence reads: "confitentes eum esse impium et filium impii, id est, nescio cujus ethnici, quern nominant Pandera: a quo dicunt matrem Domini adulteratam, et inde eum in quern nos credimus, natum.
Objects uncovered include Iron Age quern stones for processing grain and a spindle whorl for weaving.
Objects uncovered include Iron Age quern stones for processing grain, a spindle whorl for weaving, ceramic vessels used in salt transportation and Bronze Age pottery, suggest that a mixture of domestic and food-processing activities were carried out in the area, with features nearby thought to relate to the management of livestock.
Just making the flour for bread takes an hour and half a day using a home-milling device called the rotary quern.
Together with several assemblages from the same period, including Quern che verrano A (Those Who Will Come A), 1959, the painting opened 'Certain Ideas," the comprehensive retrospective of Baruchello's oeuvre curated by Deich-torhallen's director, Dirk Luckow.
The order of the words encourages a search for a more challenging reading, making it at least possible--and perhaps even necessary--that the reader not regard this cui as being an accusative used as a direct object ("whom [quern] your Guido perhaps disdained"), but rather as being an accusative of direction ("perhaps toward the one whom [ad eum quern or ad earn quern] your Guido disdained").