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the swelling of the capsule surrounding a microorganism after reaction with an antibody

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Identification of capsular type by the quellung reaction and resistance genotyping by real-time PCR was performed within 1 day of sample collection for each strain.
Serotypes of all isolates were determined by the capsular quellung reaction using antiserum purchased from the Statens Serum Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Serogrouping and serotyping were performed by the quellung reaction using antiserum provided by Statens Serum Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark) (8).
The capsular serotype of all isolates was determined by using the Quellung reaction with antisera from the Statens Serum Institut (Copenhagen, Denmark).
All pneumococcal isolates that exhibited a positive quellung reaction when commercial type-specific antiserum (Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark) was used were assigned a serotype (10).
pneumoniae isolates were serotyped by using type-specific antisera and observation of the Quellung reaction at the Streptococcus Laboratory (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA).
These isolates, used as controls, had been serotyped by quellung reaction at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Majadahonda-Madrid, Spain.