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Synonyms for queasiness

a mild state of nausea

inability to rest or relax or be still

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Acupuncture and acupressure (or wristbands) also help reduce queasiness.
But other critics such as Stephane Delorme at Cahiers du Cinema and David Stratton of The Australian gave the picture a "poor" rating, and Entertainment Weekly reviewer Lisa Schwarzbaum said it gave her "deep queasiness.
It's World Cup year and that means Hook and his Wales teammates could be forgiven for an understandable queasiness when they board their flight on Thursday.
The book speaks, haltingly but unmistakably, to the queasiness of a national moment that feels poised between transformative change and deadening sameness.
Helping little ones cope with that terrible feeling of queasiness is very hard, especially on long journeys, but there are a few tips that you can try to help make the situation a little better for everyone involved.
Audiences will have just as much fun with the traditional 2D version and won't have to worry about the occasional queasiness caused by the natty plastic goggles.
Such acts should provoke actual queasiness among U.
Everyone involved in this film is of the highest possible calibre, but their combined and formidable talents could not annul my queasiness that the question of Nazi war guilt and the death camps had been reimagined in terms of a middlebrow sentimental-erotic fantasy.
Despite the general queasiness about the financial sector and the economic outlook, the Dow Jones industrial average ended the week up 201.
There is a queasiness among some US officials in embracing Gaddafi fully, with suspicions over his motives.
After several incidents of queasiness on long trips in the last decade, your Field Correspondent's skills at calling "shotgun" on road trips have deteriorated.
The steamer had to lumber on across Conwy Bay, with this news causing queasiness among the remaining upright passengers, their stoicism broken by this disappointment, to seek the solace of the ship's rail.
The queasiness of this feeling--provoked, in La Nausee (1938), by Roquentin's existentialist disgust at seeing the bloated roots of a chestnut tree--concerns that old chestnut about palming off occasional artworks as public sculpture.
Adding to my brewing queasiness is your claim that "discussing its (China's) relations with any region of the world, including Africa, should be done with great humility.
I think the queasiness generates from the same place--I wonder who or what is driving this thing.