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the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

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In fact, Clifford algebra tells us that there will be two quaternion representations in [R.
Finally, the ability to view quaternion rotations as function curves is the first of its kind, enabling artists to combine the smoothest method of rotation with control finesse of function curves displayed in familiar X, Y and Z axes.
In the first section we will shortly review the basics of Quaternion space as introduced in [1].
We thus see that we are able to derive Maxwell equations from the wave equation of the quaternion vector potential.
Using quaternions, we have recently shown that Maxwell's equations can be written as a single quaternionic equation (Arbab and Satti, 2009 [1]).
In the light of another paper suggesting that Maxwell equations can be generalized using quaternion numbers [3, 7], then we discuss a plausible extension of Proca equations using biquaternion number.
arrays of infrared LEDs -- PC-based controller with high-speed ceiling/sensor interface -- Ethernet and serial connections Software Components -- VR peripheral network (VRPN) support (Ethernet) -- Standard library (serial) interface - compatible with existing tracker systems -- HBT toolkit for set up, configuration and testing -- HBT library for low-level system access -- Stream- or point-mode output; XYZ coordinates and quaternion or Euler angles or rotation matrices Performance -- 6 DOF per HiBall Sensor -- 2000Hz max update rate for a single HiBall Sensor (position and orientation); 1000Hz for dual sensors -- Resolution of 0.
It was known for quite long time that a quaternion space can be generalized to a Clifford space, and vice versa; but how to find its neat link with more convenient metric form in the General Relativity theory, has not been explored extensively.
z], when multiplied by i, become the three generators k, j, i, respectively, for this unit quaternion group.
2), generalized quaternion groups ([8], Corollary 1), torsion-free divisible Abelian groups ([11], Theorem 1), etc.
An alliance is entered by Quaternion Risk Management, the Dublin-based provider of risk management technology and services, and UBS Delta to provide counterparty exposure, credit valuation adjustment/debt value adjustment (CVA/DVA) analytics, and reporting services to capital markets firms.
took] the quaternion out of my hand, in which I transcribed these things out of my table-booke" (398).
A 3D generic inverse dynamic method using wrench notation and quaternion algebra.
Mihai: Warped product submanifolds in quaternion space forms, Rev.
It has been carried out by constructing a complex quaternion correlator and a max-product fuzzy neural network classifier.