quartz lamp

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a mercury-vapor lamp that is enclosed in a quartz container instead of a glass container

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As with other ceramic discharge lamps, the restrike time may be longer than for quartz lamps (Gibson 2004).
The Smiths in Los Angeles bought three quartz lamps from Jollyhome.
The first component under review is the hard quartz lamp, which provides the killing power of the unit.
According to Branson officials, the new welding process makes use of a reciprocating focused infrared heat reflected from a single quartz lamp.
Remember Pearl Harbor consisted of 12 stainless steel and glass sculptures--each made to symbolize a ship that was sunk or was damaged in 1941--accompanied by 250-W quartz lamps within bronze fixtures that "create the impression that the steel is rising from the water and alters the mood into a kind of triumphant celebration," Stokes wrote.
Gaviota Spa's therapeutic program comes complete with different massage therapy, breathing exercises and relaxation for asthmatics, hydrotherapy, mud packs, herbal bath, heliotherapy, quartz lamps treatments, seawater inhalations, aromatic and medicinal herbs, etc.
UV radiation is disseminated not only by the Sun, but it is radiated during the process of welding, getting suntan at a solarium, by quartz lamps used in medicine.
Fast responding, medium wave quartz lamps provide infrared heat directly to the printed ink resulting in the breakdown of the boundary layer and immediate evaporation of the ink solvent.
Fast responding quartz lamps are said to heat up and cool down instantly in response to power control signals.
A new infrared curing tower (or vertical tunnel) uses high-intensity quartz lamps instead of the previous wire heaters to cure silicone tubing or crosslink PE tubing, wire, and cable.