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a quarter of an hour

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Lange & SAaAaAeA hne boas two highly unusual distinctions: the jumping hours and jumping minutes display that splits the difference between analog and digital readoffs of time, and the decimal minute repeater, which chimes the 10-minute intervals instead of the traditional quarter-hours.
But because The Buzz listener listens for longer periods of time, according to Arbitron, when the average quarter-hour number is calculated, they come out slightly ahead, though it slightly misses the point of who may be "the most listened to.
At the small end of the market, average quarter-hour audiences were pegged at 2,100 listeners for WEW and 1,800 for WGNU.
As part of the ``Every 15 Minutes'' program to educate students about the hazards of drinking and driving, 20 students and one teacher were pulled from classes every quarter-hour by the Grim Reaper, and news of their ``deaths'' was announced over the school intercom.
The globe, which was refurbished in 1997, revived this tradition by flashing red once every quarter-hour and four times in rapid succession on each hour mark.
The progression of lessons takes the student step by step in learning to tell time to the hour, to the half-hour, to the quarter-hour, and then to five-minute and one-minute intervals.
The proof is in toggle-testing, where a station can easily vary Voltair's enhancement level for each quarter-hour,then track the ratings results for the quarter-hours with and without Voltair enhancement," says 25-Seven's Geoff Steadman in a blog post.
However, the tables were turned from the quarter-hour when the hosts hit back, centre Francis King going in for two quick fire tries as the Welsh were napping.
The peak ATR quarter-hour audience on Saturday evening was 114,558, recorded from 9.
Paul Charnley's men were given a lesson in finishing as the Shropshire outfit made full use of their home advantage at Greenfields Lane with Stuart Ellis giving them an eighth minute lead and Paul Bowyer scored on the quarter-hour mark.
Live coverage of the game, which kicked off at 7pm, averaged 961,000, peaking in the quarter-hour from 8.
Warne headed home on the quarter-hour mark after Chris Taylor's inch perfect cross from the left.
Feeney grabbed the only goal of the game just before the quarter-hour mark as Bournemouth continued their impressive start to the campaign.
Stockport, adrift at the bottom, were down to 10 men once Robert Clare was red-carded for the foul on the quarter-hour which led to Sturridge's penalty.
Five of County's last six FA Cup games had gone to replays but after Allsopp had put Notts in front on the quarter-hour this one looked like being a different story.