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a period of 25 years

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In the last quarter-century, Iran has reported inflation in excess of 25 percent in only four years.
PUFF DADDY After a quarter-century 'Arry is a respected elder statesman of the beautiful game; ON CALL Redknapp's first day as a manager
Overall, says Lissauer, the study "provides additional evidence that the solar system has been, and remains, a much more active and chaotic place than was envisioned by researchers a quarter-century ago.
In the last quarter-century, architecture has acquired a technology that makes freedom of expression possible.
But perhaps her most vibrant legacy is her incalculable contribution to the growth of Venetian studies in the English-speaking world during the last quarter-century.
78-197, the Tax Court concluded that although that was true, the ruling has (1) been in existence for nearly a quarter-century, (2) not been revoked or modified and (3) been cited by the IRS itself in numerous letter rulings.
To date, barbershop theories for the outbreak range from too few bats to too much Forest Service manipulation a quarter-century ago.
Founded a quarter-century ago, Manhattan-based Garrick-Aug Associates is the nation's largest brokerage specializing exclusively in retail leasing today.
Though a quarter-century separates the two studies, the results are barely distinguishable.
We've had all-volunteer armed services for nearly a quarter-century.
The citizens charged with police oversight decided to restrict public access to the names of police officers investigated for using force - after a quarter-century of providing it.
To see whether tide-induced stress variations might be triggering earthquakes, Vidale and his colleagues looked for effects of tides, if any, during more than 2,000 large earthquakes that occurred in the last quarter-century on fault zones at rock depths of less than 40 kilometers, where such forces can have significant effects.
Pius X, now officially sainted, was elected in 1903 at age 68 after the quarter-century reign of Leo III and served just 11 years.
Barboza had the FBI wrapped around his little finger," insists Salvati's attorney Victor Garo, who spent a quarter-century trying to clear his client.