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a land unit equal to a quarter of a section (160 acres) and measuring 1/2 mile on a side

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NK Patent Law serves clients from Silicon Valley to RTP, with offices in tech-heavy Research Triangle Park and Raleigh, as well as the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter section of Winston-Salem.
0), was used to locate all outside quarter section corners and all line trees.
Regarding this phenomenon, diagonal tensile cracks nearby the quarter section is getting severely localized and reaches the compression fiber of the girder as found in Fig.
ERCB required that the population density be eight residences per quarter section.
18) Fern owned a quarter section of farmland; her husband owned the other three quarter sections of the same section of land.
Kvitova, a 19-year-old ranked 72nd in the world, will play Belgium s 50th-rated Yanina Wickmayer for a quarter-final berth from a quarter section that is suddenly seedless.
Native Americans have learned to be wary of bureaucrats bearing "gifts," whether they be half or a quarter section and a mule (allotment), boarding schools, or United States citizenship.
He bought a quarter section of land and built a bigger house to hold the children he and Susan had: Joseph (who was called J.
When one understands that spacing requirements for most turbines limits them to only two to four per quarter section, a sizeable wind development is going to require quite a bit more land than this farmer may own.
The club is now launching a fresh initiative called Roof-Lite with offers of a half-metre-square section of the roof for pounds 250 or a quarter section for pounds 125.
John said: "Where else can you get 43 different variations of gutter in 13 different ranges from three different manufacturers, or the half and three quarter section underground drainage channel fittings that no one else keeps?
Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Steve Bogdanoff had a successful gallery on Royal Street in the historic French Quarter section of New Orleans.
Of the quarter section of voters who said moral values were the most important issue, nearly 80 percent voted for Mr.
Our biggest problem was that the quarter section was completely under cultivation and lacked any meaningful cover.