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a land unit equal to a quarter of a section (160 acres) and measuring 1/2 mile on a side

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Tusk Energy Corporation (TSX: TSK) is the immediate neighbor, on the NW quarter of the section, of which Pemberton signed 2 binding land lease agreements for the NE quarter section, and according to a recent Tusk Presentation http://www.
As these people made their journey, possessing little cash and having to sleep in blankets in their wagons or on the bare ground, their concern was whether or not this trek would give them claim to a quarter section of land.
Bonanza Hills comprises 54 Alaska State quarter section mining claims, covering 13.
office compound kenduadihi under head quarter section of bankura irrigation sub division of bankura irrigation division during the year 2015-16
Will first leased a quarter section of land just west of the city, south of the Bow River, located along the river.
For each well drilled, Eden and Starlight will also earn a 100% interest in a diagonal 40-acre tract, located in the same 160-acre quarter section.
Contract awarded for Programming Inputs 3Rd Quarter Section 877
The auction included 83 quarter sections of land (one quarter section is 160 acres) and all the equipment needed to farm it, including tractors, combines and headers, swathers, trucks, trailers, grain handling and heavy duty equipment.
25% working interest in a quarter section of mineral rights below the base of the Viking formation to the base of the Mannville formation.
Combined with the claims previously announced in NR-24 on October 18, 2005, the Company now controls 163 Alaska State quarter section mining claims covering approximately 40.
Tenders are invited for mr to 5 nos sluices of mouza balaharnia, dongajora, purba radhaballavpur, purba gabtola and bhubankhali outfaling on river piyali, beledona, thakuran under kundakhali section and head quarter section of kultala irrigation subdivision of joynagar
This would have given the homesteaders on the even-numbered sections the right to pre-empt the quarter section next to them, thus throwing the squatters off the land upon which they had already built houses and had started clearing and breaking.
Ninety-four Alaska State quarter section mining claims have been located covering 23.
Known as the Dominion Lands Survey System, it established the boundaries for quarter section sized homesteads in western Canada's formative years, eventually covering over 200 million acres or 312,500 square miles, almost one-tenth of the entire land area of Canada.
Primary drilling spacing in Alberta is as follows; one quarter section spacing (160 acres) for oil and one section spacing (640 acres) for natural gas.