quarter horse

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a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile races in Virginia

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Fleetwood helps her family operate an American Quarter Horse training facility on St.
The classic racing distance is 440 yards, but quarter horse races range from 220 yards (one furlong) to 870 yards (almost four furlongs).
Alexi Child and Kendra Silveira, both 16, are two young stars in the quarter horse world.
The price of a quarter horse begins at $500 and can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
Contestants enter an arena at top speed on an American Quarter Horse, ride a cloverleaf pattern around three specially positioned barrels, and then sprint out of the arena.
The breed Meyer raises and sells, the American quarter horse, is familiar from rodeos and cowboy movies.
Featured articles discuss historical uses of horses, an Iowa child who owns a quarter horse, show horses, and horses in Amish families.
Gosden is set to bow to the colt's American owner Landon Knight's belief that the Epsom hero is a mile and a quarter horse and run at Sandown on July 5.
This agreement will turn-the-tide for thoroughbred and quarter horse racing in Minnesota," states Jesse Overton, Chair of the Minnesota Racing Commission.
When combining the increases announced in January, the quarter horse overnight races have increased by $3,000 each.
Jockey investigation: A quarter horse jockey is under investigation for allegedly using an electronic buzzer on his horse during the second race Sunday at Fairplex in Pomona.
The campaign, launched in April 2004, can be seen running today in horse enthusiast publications such as Equus and Horse Illustrated, as well as breed and discipline publications like American Quarter Horse Journal and NRHA Reiner.
The occasion was the fifth annual "Poker Ride," sponsored by the Oregon Foundation Quarter Horse Club (OFQHC).
Our audience has come to expect innovation in our primetime coverage, and we're confident that the new show will generate as much energy and excitement as our Quarter Horse programming does now.
The Kansas Quarter Horse Association had a show barn in Wichita that hosted its events adequately until the county sold it a few years ago for private development, KQHA board liaison Peggy Pickford said.