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And it is to be remembered that this Act does in no wise effect [sic] the Quarter Days, although the Feasts on which they depend, are altered eleven days sooner in the New Style, yet the old Days are marked in the Almanacks with Red Letters, and called Old Michaelmas, Martinmas, &c.
The Game group was put into administration the day after the quarter day, giving the administrators three months' rent free occupation.
If the notice to appoint ends before the quarter day, the administrator can be liable for the full quarter's rent, even if not occupying for the full period.
The rules currently state that if a business is placed into administration immediately following rent quarter day, then it can continue to use the property for free for up to three months without paying any rent.
Respected insolvency trade body R3 claims almost a third of Midland retailers are at risk of collapse following the most recent Rent Quarter Day.
Many had been spooked by the number of larger retailers who had gone into administration around last quarter day in December, but when it came to negotiating lower rents, she said they remained cautious.
With the latest Rent Quarter Day bright in the headlights of the retail sector, new research from insolvency trade body R3 has found that a quarter of retailers in the North East are at a higher than normal risk of insolvency in the next year.
ALMOST a third of Midland retailers are at risk of failure following the latest Rent Quarter Day, a new survey reveals.
Mr Philpott advised that retailers struggling with this month's quarter day payment, which was due on June 24, negotiating with the landlord could be key to staving off insolvency.
TENSION among Yorkshire retailers is intensifying as firms prepare for quarter day rental payments for the last time before Christmas, it is claimed.
But it was only in 1582 that Pope Gregory XIII addressed the missing quarter day in the solar rotation by creating the leap year.
The figures are being published just before the next traditional quarterly payment date - or Quarter Day - which falls on December 25.
QUARTER Day reform could help the struggling retail sector, according to the chair of insolvency trade body R3 in the North East.
Insolvency body R3 issued an appeal for a rethink following the expiry this week of the latest Quarter Day commercial property rent deadline on June 24.
Of all things to happen, on the Quarter day when tenancy changed hands, a snow blizzard descended on Warwickshire, so the family moved in a day or so later.