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a malarial fever that recurs every fourth day

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malariae has been generally known to be 72 hours, fever patterns might not be strictly quartan (14).
The ancient Greek physician Dioscorides had first classified malarial fevers as tertian and quartan, that is, recurring cyclically every first and third day or every first and fourth day.
These diseases are cancer, elephantiasis, scabies, leprosy, quartan fever and whatever is detailed under the heading melancholia.
This difference in biological therapy--"White people respond best to tertian malaria (plasmodium vivax); negroes to quartan (plasmodium malariae)"--was acknowledged in the Journal of the National Medical Association and both the syphilology and malariology literature.
The author notes, in addition, that during the summer, numerous dropsies occur, resulting from epidemics of prolonged dysentery, diarrhea, and quartan fever.
I gave him two drams of opium, but he suffered from quartan fever, and its crisis halted the effect of the drug.
An anaesthetic drug might be considered, such as mandragoras (mandrake), which was an ingredient in a prescribed potion, to be taken in unmixed wine, by a patient smitten with quartan fever (Hippocrates, Diseases 2.
The identity of diseases described in early literature is often uncertain, but fevers with a periodicity described as tertian or quartan are highly suggestive of malaria.
85-90) thus: "As one who has the shivering-fit of the quartan so near that his nails are already pale, and he trembles all over at the mere sight of shade, such I became at these words of his; but shame rebuked me, which makes a servant brave in the presence of a good master.