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under forced isolation especially for health reasons


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Among the factors that need to be evaluated are the following: when pets should be quarantined, what type of unprotected animal-human contact should be allowed, what types of outdoor access by pets should be allowed (if any), what infection control measures should be implemented in the household to decrease the risk of pathogen transmission, how pet fecal material should be handled in the household and outdoors and in community settings, and what measures should be taken when and if veterinary care is required.
From the beginning of 1839 until the end of 1899, approximately 25,000 ships were visited by the Health Officer or the Assistant Health Officer, of which at least 256 were quarantined for periods varying from one to occasionally eighty days, representing a considerable cost to commerce.
The San Diego County superintendent of schools, who coordinates all public schools in the county, including those on military bases, organized Web- and television-based distance-learning programs so that quarantined students could continue to receive instruction and submit assignments.
Statewide, 12,937 properties have been quarantined, including 2,312 where birds were found to be infected.
Based on test results, devices are either permitted or denied network access, or quarantined to a specific part of the network, thus enforcing organizational security standards.
In Venice (1403) quarantined ships were anchored at Lazzaretto Vecchio, an island in the lagoon.
The state has since quarantined all or parts of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.
They can also perform wire-speed intrusion detection and prevention on all traffic to ensure that endpoint devices can instantly be quarantined and remediated should they show signs of inappropriate use of the network or infection from worms, viruses and spyware.
Since no evidence exists that SARS-CoV is infective before the onset of symptoms and the quarantined persons were exposed but not symptomatic, we thought the quarantine's effectiveness should be investigated.
Since October, more than 450 poultry yards have been quarantined and nearly 12,000 birds have been destroyed in the three-county area, Rico said.
The switching infrastructure contains the infected devices in a quarantined area for remediation.
Most healthcare workers subject to quarantine in Toronto (including 34% of persons on work quarantine) likely cared for SARS patients and would have experienced stresses similar to those not quarantined.
All animals new to the zoo must be quarantined to ensure the health of rest of the animals, according to zoo officials, so Zoe is expected to be separated from two other young chimps for a maximum of 30 days.
With as much as 225 gigabytes of storage on board, the new RazorGate appliances scale to support thousands of users and their quarantined junk mail.
In Taiwan, from April 28 to July 4, 2003, travelers arriving from World Health Organization-designated SARS-affected areas were quarantined for 10 days (level B quarantine).