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Synonyms for quarantine

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enforced isolation of patients suffering from a contagious disease in order to prevent the spread of disease

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isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease

place into enforced isolation, as for medical reasons

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These much-needed screening procedures will also necessitate fully staffed, prepared quarantine stations wherever people are entering the country, ready to care for anyone whose screening turns up a concern, helping to prevent contagions from entering this country," Perry said.
In 1835 the Ottoman government together with the French consul worked to strengthen the lazaretto, or quarantine station, in Larnaca in an effort to combat disease.
Around 1,000 Irishmen and women - who fled the Potato Famine for the New World - ended up being buried in crude unmarked graves, after being denied entry into America and thrown into a quarantine station on Boston's Deer Island.
That makes us nervous,'' said Katsuhiko Ito, an official at the Kobe Quarantine Station in charge of imported food.
Public Health Service Quarantine Station at Angel Island, 1892-1948.
Britain made an urgent call for the ban following the death of an imported parrot diagnosed with the potentially lethal H5N1 form of the bird flu virus at a quarantine station in Essex.
The CDC has for years maintained a quarantine station at LAX and other major international airports across the country.
The healthy detainees, with little to occupy them at the quarantine station, being burdened by boredom and frustration, rather than disease, were the primary, if not singular, source of dissent.
From 1785 to 1942, Partridge Island (right) served as North America's first Quarantine Station to prevent the spread of diseases.
Originally, the installation was used as both coastal protection and a quarantine station for incoming mariners.
We arrived at the quarantine station at the airport to find Meg quietly lying in the kennel without a care in the world.
Tetsutaro Sata, head of the infectious diseases unit at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and Kazuko Kamiya, head of Kansai Airport Quarantine Station, will leave Japan on Wednesday for a two-week mission, the officials said.