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Synonyms for quarantine

Words related to quarantine

enforced isolation of patients suffering from a contagious disease in order to prevent the spread of disease

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isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease

place into enforced isolation, as for medical reasons

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Mr Davies said "The lead in time for these changes is insufficient - it is only in the last month that the necessary information to make an application for quarantine units has become available and for many farmers the work required to meet the requirements of the new rules will take time.
Last week, a shipment of 3,500 camels from Sudan was stopped at Abu Simbel quarantine in southern Egypt after finding 69 of them tested positive for Coronavirus virus (MERS-CoV), the Ministry of Agriculture said.
The document establishes a legal basis for regulation in the field of plant quarantine, defines the power of government agencies and basic rights and duties of individuals and entities in the field of plant quarantine.
A: Hickox says a quarantine is unnecessary and is no way to treat health-care workers who've been fighting a scourge.
Andrew Cuomo on Sunday night gave the first new details about how his state's quarantine would work, noting that individuals would be allowed to stay in their homes for 21 days.
Historically, the primary authority for quarantine and isolation exists at the state level as an exercise of the state's police power in accordance with its particular laws and policies.
Sources told the GDN that an "unofficial rule" states that only sheep quarantined in a particular facility in Djibouti could be shipped to Bahrain - and that quarantine was owned by a relative of a Yemeni livestock trader, who donated BD150,000 ($393,000) towards a new facility in Bahrain.
The word quarantine may originate from the Venetian-Italian expression for 40 days, indicating a typical period of isolation.
Direct Quarantine Server integrates with Microsoft Exchange and clients are quickly deployed through Active Directory Group Policy.
MELBOURNE CUP ambassador Leigh Jordon yesterday revealed progress is being made in addressing the quarantine issues that prevent connections of So You Think lining up a possible bid for a third Cox Plate and risk undermining the international challenge of the Cup itself.
By Peter Townson/Staff reporter Pet owners wishing to take their animals back to the UK, Ireland, Sweden or Malta will be able to do so without placing them in quarantine, after the countries' governments decided to align their pet travel rules with other EU nations from the beginning of 2012.
One such nonpharmaceutical intervention was quarantine of contacts of persons with confirmed cases.
citizens to the quarantine measures imposed by the Government of China in response to the 2009-H1N1 pandemic that may affect travel to China.
cn/en), part of the worldwide Olympic movement and governed by the Olympic Council of Asia is pleased to announce that a two-day seminar has concluded here have outlined specific steps regarding the forthcoming horse quarantine for The 16th Asian Games.