quantum mechanics

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the branch of quantum physics that accounts for matter at the atomic level

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He is fully qualified, therefore, to accomplish the primary purpose of this work, which is to make quantum mechanics accessible to the serious philosopher.
Almost all quantum theories of gravity, which attempt to explain gravity using quantum mechanics, predict that the equivalence principle should be violated at the atomic level, and that the free-fall acceleration under such circumstances should depend on a quantum particle's properties, such as its spin.
Herein we strive to construct a series of carefully chosen questions to probe and elucidate some of the enigmatic characteristics of quantum mechanics in the hopes that layers of false views will give way to truth, albeit a tentative, cautious, and perhaps even conflicted truth.
It's intended for use as a two-semester course of study, can be used either by professors as a sourcebook for lecture materials or by students pursuing courses in quantum mechanics, and it discusses different approaches to calculation from Born series and approximations to what happens in the case of degenerate unperturbed eigenfunctions.
8) Van Kampen agrees with Bohr on how to understand the formalism of quantum mechanics but differs from Bohr's theory of measurements and so also differs with what is commonly known as the Copenhagen interpretation.
The advent of the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics shows that physics at the beginning of the 20th Century was still very much alive and kicking.
While this book is by no means an easy read, it will appeal to anyone with a curious mind who has ever wondered what all the quantum mechanics fuss is about, and to those who simply want to understand the everyday world.
This formulation of quantum mechanics is, quite famously, inconsistent.
The Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics proposed a process of collapse which is responsible for the reduction of the superposition into a single state.
But this year two top physicists repeated this, and on BBC2 there was a more in-depth explanation of quantum mechanics.
One is the problem of quantum gravity--of how you combine quantum mechanics (which focuses on small-scale phenomena and nongravitational forces) and general relativity (which deals with large-scale objects and gravitational forces) into a coherent picture of nature.
He came on the scene during the creation of quantum mechanics [1925-1927], and Born stands in the shadows of Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Erwin Schrodinger, Wolfgang Pauli, and Niels Bohr.
Key words: gravitation; neutrons; quantum mechanics.
Most theoretical concepts of chemistry have not yet been successfully reduced to quantum mechanics, and it is an open question whether such a reduction can always be achieved.
He tries to teach his dog some quantum mechanics (by way of asking if humans are even able to understand the mysteries of the universe).
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