quantum leap

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a sudden large increase or advance


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One of the most important choices that you can make is to be a Quantum Leaperto embrace the wonderful world of possibilities that unfolds when you open your mind to Quantum Leap thinking.
Based in Canada, Craig Proctor is the creator and CEO of The Quantum Leap System, Craig Proctor Productions, and Craig Proctor Seminars.
Quantum Leap owns and operates the first Internet site where client companies can both initiate, and participate in the search for their ideal candidates using a web-based solution.
In addition to Quantum Leap Communications, The Leap Partnership, another Leap Group subsidiary, provides high-end strategic planning and creative advertising services to fortune 500 companies.
Al Ghabban, said that the importance of the resolution lies in the importance of the national heritage in general and its role in the cultural, social and economic development, and that its major objective is to create a quantum leap in the preservation and caring of the antiquities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Her coaching has resulted in a quantum leap with regards to my money story, my health story and all of my relationships which are all thriving as a result of investing in myself with her as my mentor.
Since its initial launch in February 2012, Quantum Leap Buzz has been downloaded by users in over 50 countries and from companies such as IBM, Oracle, Reuters, Deloitte, Razorfish, Economic Times, Ted Conference and SAP.
ON JUNE 9 Garuda Indonesia announced the selection of air transport communications specialist, SUA, to provide AIRCOM Datalink Services for its growing fleet of aircraft as part of its Quantum Leap modernisation plan which includes doubling the fleet to 116 over the next five years.
the center is a quantum leap in primary health care in the country.
A great American sci-fi drama, the only crime with Quantum Leap is that it wasn't made into a movie before it was wrapped up in 1993 after just four popular years.
TIME traveller Sam Beckett leaps back on to the small screen with the release of the Emmy award-winning final season of hit sci-fi show Quantum Leap.
In the introduction to his new book, Bogle writes that recent "aberrations" like the quantum leap in CEO pay and earnings managed to meet inflated Wall Street expectations can be laid to "the gatekeepers we trusted to protect investors--legislators, regulators, rating services, attorneys, public accountants and, most importantly, corporate directors .
A quantum leap in output rate for corrugated cable duct was introduced late last year with the UC100 corrugator from Unicor GmbH in Germany, represented here by ProfilePipe Machinery Inc.
Quantum Leap Packaging reports that it has developed a high-temperature plastic for applications in which plastics were not previously suitable.
That quantum leap is all about people prepared to give their lives in relation to their causes,''he said.