quantum field theory

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the branch of quantum physics that is concerned with the theory of fields

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One's imagination can go further and wonder whether particles that are unknown to relativistic quantum field theory can arise in condensed matter," said Bernevig.
Its purpose is to elucidate an explanation of why quantum field theory works and give a framework for modifications, like the inclusion of gravity, that may have a well posed structure but not exist in the framework of QFT itself.
If we take into account that in Bohm's quantum field theory, there is a possible link between the mass of a particle and the quantum potential, and that (in the model suggested here) the appearance of a mass means the appearance of an entropic energy, it seems lawful to think that the quantum waves actually guide the corresponding particles, through the action of quantum potential, during their motion, in the different points of ATPS.
The matter that creates the spacetime curvature, however, is treated using quantum field theory.
On the other hand, it can happen that one has reason to believe that there are many acceptable quantizations of the system (each appropriate for modelling a distinct physical situation), or that the structure of the classical system does not single out a preferred quantization (as in quantum field theory on curved spacetime).
Quantum field theory is the underlying mathematical structure of the Standard Model (discussed above).
In a revision and English translation of the 2003 Russian edition of a book based on the extended lecture course he has taught since 1991, he sets out the fundamentals for graduate students and young researchers who are working mainly in condensed matter physics, emphasizing the links between quantum field theory and modern condensed matter theory.
The first six chapters are detailed expositions of the Temperley-Lieb-Jones theory, the quantum circuit model, ribbon fusion category theory, topological quantum field theory, and anyon theory.
Emphasizing the wave aspects of the subject, Treiman concludes by delving into the intricacies of quantum field theory.
In their paper they point out that the mechanisms of SBS were first demonstrated theoretically in quantum field theory.
This book provides a sustained attempt to give an interpretation of quantum field theory along broadly Kantian lines.
Schaum's early research focused on relativistic quantum field theory, what is now called the standard model of elementary particles.
Quantum physics, fields and closed timelike curves: The D-CTC condition in quantum field theory.
The researchers investigate strong interactions at high energies, diffraction and shadowing phenomena, gravitation and cosmology, standard model physics, quantum chromodynamics, and quantum field theory.
The simplest form of DE compatible with the data, a cosmological constant, has a value incompatible with our understanding of Quantum Field Theory.
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