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of or relating to a quantum or capable of existing in only one of two states

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Milenkovic, "A comparative study of quantized compressive sensing schemes," in Proc.
Next making use of a max quantum cosmic cosmological term (lambda) we obtained the mass of the universe, which now appears quantized in the units of cosmic [[?
Applying appropriate numerical labels to such a spin foam's edges and faces turns it into a quantized four-dimensional geometry.
In the experiment, each pixel depth of the scene was linearly (by equal distance intervals) or non-linearly (by domain specifications) quantized to the discrete number of pixel depth value, from the initial 16-bit (65536 scales) to 1-bit (2 scales) depth to generate the DIBR 9-view intermediate images.
Subsequently, the quantized information sequence W are encoded by the LDPC-2 encoder.
The goal of the paper is development of computational and experimental method for the detection and study of quantized EWP and de Broglie electron half-waves in the metal conductor with a high density pulsed axial current.
Then the transformed signal is quantized using uniform quantization as conventional QIM to embed watermark data within that.
As we know after quantities of analysis and comparison, when selected quantization level is large, there are many transitions or edge information in smoothing shaded area of the quantized figure; when adopting uniform quantization process, the quantization range of effect drawing has obvious discontinuous transition.
Good selection of mathematical functions is logarithmic law by which small signal intensities are quantized with greater resolution or smaller steps of quantization in relation to a large signal intensity.
However, as demonstrated in [1-3], the filtering schemes relying on the quantized innovations can provide the performance, which is comparable to that of the full (e.
What a marvelous article Alan MacRobert had in the July issue (page 18) on inflation cosmology, the latest discoveries in the field and their implications, and what further research may find--Hawking radiation, gravitational waves and quantized gravity, a multiverse, infinite atom-by-atom repetitions of Earth and its inhabitants, multiple Big Bangs, never-ending inflation, et cetera .
Implied here is no attempt by research or sheer intellectual genius to grasp reality by its quantized forelock, no suggestion that man's mind is no more than a quantum mechanical automaton.
The quantum Hall effect is simply a quantized form of the better known Hall effect.
Energies of the discrete distributions are quantized.
Therefore, the excitation phase values obtained by these approaches are subsequently quantized to the nearest n-bit phase shifter excitation values.