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the act of dividing into quanta or expressing in terms of quantum theory


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In the companding quantization, the input is first transformed using a nonlinear compressor function, then further quantized using the uniform quantizer, and finally restored in expander using the inverse nonlinear function.
In Section 2, we introduce some existing quantization methods and discuss why the performance of those approaches is not satisfactory in terms of the bit mismatch rate and the key generate rate.
To this end, this paper focuses on developing and experimentally verifying a novel model-based controller design methodology with robustness to quantization and sampling imprecisions, thereby reduce the required time and cost for completing the V&V iterations.
Three-level quantization has been used in different areas of signal processing [5], [13-15].
Table 3 shows the quantization errors of 3D brain tumor models in millimeters.
Quantization error decreases with long word-bits, but the hardware cost increases.
The Logarithmic QIM (LQIM), performing a logarithmic transform method on the input signal before quantization [8, 9].
When [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is big enough, the uncontinuity among the quantization range is not obvious.
All these systems have been shown to obey the quantization of angular momentum per unit mass constraint dictated by QCM in the Schwarzschild metric approximation for each orbiting body [[mu].
Histogram equalization, which was developed for image contrast enhancement, is similar to the successive mean quantization transform.
Quantitative Feature, Complete Quantization Feature, and Partial Quantization Feature in Fitness Evaluation
In oil-lubricants and motor protection types include: engine oil lubricants hydraulic systems and other purposes, lubricants quantization systems, greases and lubricants, car radiator fluids and chemical additives.
At a level for graduate or undergraduate students of physics, they discuss general field theory, general problems of field quantization, the quantization of the scalar field, the quantization of the electromagnetic field, the quantization of the spinorial field, general problems of field interactions, and divergent and non-divergent second-order processes.
Resolution is the smallest quantization level determined by the analog-to-digital (A/D) converter in the oscilloscope.
Quantization is performed in the gray-level pixel space and hence the visual aspect of images is preserved.