quantitative chemical analysis

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Philippe Walter, of the Laboratoire du Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France and his colleagues conducted a first time quantitative chemical analysis on seven paintings from the Louvre Museum.
Ayres, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Harper and Brothers, New York (1958) p.
The Shimadzu Sequential Plasma Spectrophotometer Model ICPS-7510 is a high precision analytical equipment used for quantitative chemical analysis, so sensitive that it is capable of accurately detecting levels as low as one part per billion, equivalent to measuring a milligram per metric ton, which compares favorably to the usual mining industry practice of measuring precious metal content in grams per metric ton," stated Chief Metallurgist Elvis Hidalgo, President of Pearl Asian's Chemical/Metallurgical Lab Division.
The quantitative chemical analysis technique known as titration is used in a number of different chemical applications to determine the unknown concentrations of unidentified analytes.
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