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Synonyms for quantifier

(logic) a word (such as 'some' or 'all' or 'no') that binds the variables in a logical proposition

(grammar) a word that expresses a quantity (as 'fifteen' or 'many')

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The aggregation weighted vector W is a mapping to membership function Q(r) guided by a monotonically non-decreasing fuzzy linguistic quantifier, Q, repersented as Eqs.
Quantifier Variance is a collection of previously published papers, which, whilst each connects in some way to the larger themes outlined above, cover a large amount of ground.
Instead of a numeral, it is possible to involve a noun quantifier such as m j en 11 'several' or oi 55 'many', as in (16c).
Significant amount of particle quantifier were found in oil, it could be cause of engine worn.
Consider the phenomenon of Quantifier Lowering (QL), responsible for inverse scope possibility in the following construction (Fox 1999: 160):
Many topics which are given scant attention in other grammars of Australian languages can be found here: the subdomains of nominals, the differences in referentiality of nominal construction types, the effect of information structure on such things as incorporation and the scope of quantifiers.
The for all and every English phrases can be satisfied in SQL through negating its existential quantifier construct EXISTS.
The national beer is Singa, the word for two is 'song' and, in Thai, the quantifier comes after the noun.
Then we give the rules for the translation of each FO connective and quantifier, into an equivalent subcircuit.
Lost Foam Casting Quantifier Program;" Industrial Analytics Corp.
Ainsi, pouvoir amenager des espaces dedies au sport en milieu professionnel apporte d'enormes bienfaits aussi bien pour le travailleur qui preservera au mieux sa sante que pour l'employeur qui assure ainsi un meilleur rendement, meme s'il est difficile de quantifier les retombees economiques reelles pour les entreprises.
This is the reading where the quantifier is naturally understood as taking wide scope relative to the attitude verb and as binding a variable within the scope of the attitude verb.
16) The quantifier can be the head (24) or a part of it (23a).
CLEVELAND, OH, July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- CSA Standards, a leading developer of standards, codes and personnel certification programs, today officially announces its new Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Quantifier personnel certification program, the second in the series of programs that recognize the knowledge, skills and abilities of GHG professionals.
The 12 papers presented discuss compilation of certificates; formal foundations of computer security; building a software model checker; automatic refinement and vacuity detection in symbolic trajectory evaluation; automated and interactive theorem proving; correctness of effect-based program transformations; abstract and concrete models for recursion; secrecy analysis in protocol composition logic; the engineering challenges of trustworthy computing; reflecting quantifier elimination for linear arithmetic; content in proofs of list reversal; and proof theory, large functions, and combinatorics.