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Synonyms for quantifier

(logic) a word (such as 'some' or 'all' or 'no') that binds the variables in a logical proposition

(grammar) a word that expresses a quantity (as 'fifteen' or 'many')

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The physics team has developed technology that can build a conditional expression that expresses the circumstances of the problem from a logical form which is assumed to be possible to generate with language processing, and then use quantifier elimination to simplify the expression and automatically generate the initial conditions for the simulation.
A small early eluting peak was observed for the normetanephrine quantifier transition m/z 166 [right arrow] 134 with isoproterenol (Fig.
9) The abstract with variable "y" unbound by any particular object quantifier is equivocal with respect to expressing the property of being necessarily identical to every or merely some object, or even exclusively to the object having certain specific properties.
But given Lacan's idiosyncratic restriction of the quantifier, which separates the negation of the quantifier from negation of the function, one cannot transform the double negation of "there is not one that is not subject to the phallic function" into the positive affirmation that "all are subject to the phallic function.
This section also demonstrates how to apply fuzzy linguistic quantifier, 2-tuple multi-granularity linguistic variable, aggregation weights with maximum entropy, linguistic aggregation, and solution schemes analysis for synergy.
Quantifier Variance and Realism: Essays in Metaontology.
The topics include pragmatics in optimality theory, children's knowledge of scales in the acquisition of almost, pragmatic templates and free enrichment, pragmatic inferencing and expert knowledge, and empirical and theoretical evidence for a model of quantifier production.
Selon les observateurs, les enfants sont en realite une partie importante de la population active, la plupart du temps dans le secteur informel, donc difficile a quantifier (vente de rue, travail agricole saisonnier).
Hofweber asserts that we can distinguish between the internal and the external reading of the existential quantifier.
The compotmd is an important quantifier for the regulation of emissions.
These languages express more quantifier dependencies and independencies than ordinary firstorder languages whose extensions they are.
checking in the process if he is in possession of or has developed a rudimentary but accurate feeling for syntax to concentrate afterwards in semantics, once we have informed him that the traditional symbol for the universal quantifier "for any" is "[for all]", an inverted letter "A", and for the existential quantifier "there exists" is "[there exist]", a rotated letter "E".
Quine's position is only sound given his interpretation of the 'E' quantifier as implying existence.
He addresses them from the perspectives of how the expressiveness of quantifiers depends on the structure of the propositional matrix of the formula, whether it is possible to simplify quantifier prefixes without a significant loss of compactness, and which usage patterns of quantifiers lead to encodings with a good tradeoff between compactness and complexity.
Oil samples were analyzed and the results of particle quantifier were shown in figure 10.