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use as a quantifier

express as a number or measure or quantity

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In this study, we examine how auditors react to quantified versus non-quantified management representations for an important, subjective account.
It identified the underlying drivers and quantified the uncertainty of each, and constructed its forecast with an understanding of the dynamic relationships among all of these uncertain factors.
While there is a growing body of knowkdge on both quality and its measurement, this author questions whether medical quafity can ever be quantified.
Managerial and marketing judgment should be quantified in developing the best possible base case scenario.
Our research has demonstrated that listeners were influenced far more by non-verbal cues than by verbal ones, with passion and credibility accounting for over 50% of presentation effectiveness," said Noah Zandan, president of Quantified Impressions.
companies and two-thirds or 67%, of European companies have inventoried and quantified their technology exposures, considered a basic step in risk management.
Avoid providing this coverage for suppliers of any tier, and limit coverage to one tier or the number of tiers that can be positively identified and quantified.
The researchers quantified the doses to nearly 2,300 workers who had worked at various times between 1950 and 1994 at Rocketdyne/Atomics International, a nuclear research and development facility in Simi Valley, California.
Expands Free Quantified Publisher Offerings to Include a Network View and Tabbed Profiles Plus Secure Tags for Online Retailers
Only after all risks are identified, analyzed and quantified can a company determine its risk retention/transfer strategy.
Perinatal exposures and infant incorporation of a microdose of labeled NRTI drug may be quantified by AMS safely using permissible small blood samples.
The paper, titled "The ROI of SOA Relative to Traditional Component Reuse: Initial Quantified ROI on SOA Initiatives," is based on a survey of LogicLibrary customers in the "early-adopter" phase of large-scale SOA implementations.
SignalDemand will allow us to more consistently and accurately price based upon our true costs to serve, market movements and our quantified understanding of our customer demand," said Rick Mazer, CEO and President Ventura Foods.
The research iGR conducted quantified the true total costs of off-portal transactions and determined that the primary contributors to high off-portal transaction costs include: