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capable of being quantified

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First, it should decide whether and how the firm should obtain data and assign resources and responsibility for more accurately measuring high-priority quantifiable risks and tracking them over time.
It may not be quantifiable, but it's the kind of thing you can see when you really drill down.
New Services -- Demonstrated a quantifiable change to improve the revenue generation of the organization through the offering of a new service
This translates into presenting a quantifiable value proposition.
This standard does not necessarily need to be a quantifiable number.
According to the company's 2001 Human Capital Index (HCI) study, companies that focus their HR technology initiatives on making specific, quantifiable improvements see as much as a 6.
From the ecological point of the view, the major quantifiable benefit was an almost 30% decrease in the average TRS emissions, and a reduction of about 90% in the frequency of peak emission periods.
But aside from the intangible aspects of this wonderful intervention, there have been some significant quantifiable outcomes, as well.
If we are going to compete in a global economy, then maybe we should approach environmental regulation on a coordinated, long-term, easily measureable and quantifiable approach.
Development could then ensue while assuring the landscape performs at some minimum quantifiable standard.
That at this point, three years in, there are no concrete or quantifiable examples of how student performance has improved because we're still in the process of changing the culture?
We're trying to marshall the music industry's power to create quantifiable social change and make real progress.
Quantifiable changes, first detected within 4 to 8 hours, reached significant increases--on the order of 20 percent -- within 10 to 21 days.
Science-envy grew even stronger in the postwar years, as political thinkers wanted to enjoy the same status accorded physicists, who had unlocked the secrets of nuclear explosions, and Keynesians, who claimed to have divined the quantifiable principles of economic behavior.