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the quality of being measurable

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By employing the vocabulary of logic, mathematics, and science, Dura undermines the notion that quantifiability leads to greater clarity or comprehension, to greater efficiency and technological progress.
The quantifiability of future conditions is difficult.
microbial sensors could be adapted to an extent that phenol presence can be detected with certainty and reasonable quantifiability.
FLCs were thought to be associated with imbalances in heavy and light chain production in monoclonal plasma cell populations, and their quantifiability in the presence of the bulk of serum immunoglobulin opened new opportunities for characterizing plasma cell proliferation disorders.
In the case of nonfinancial reporting, a much younger and more fluid field compared to financial reporting, no presumption of quantifiability exists.
Bur the theory in its orthodox form evades what would seem to be built-in quantifiability by imposing strict ranking so that the optimal form is perfect and everything else is (equally) chopped liver.
1235, 1262 (2000) ("While the amorphous nature of speech is likely to lead to arbitrary appraisals of speech, government can respond to issues of scarcity and distribution exhibited by political money with some semblance of objectivity due, in part, to the quantifiability of the interest.
A conversation sprang up at the party about the quantifiability of the existence of the state: in other words, the statistical probability that the country will still exist in 20 years.