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a quasi nongovernmental organization

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The issue of quangos (quasi autonomous non-governmental organisations) came up as Conwy's full council debated pressures on budgets, reluctantly agreeing a 5% council tax rise.
Reform Scotland submitted Freedom of Information requests to the 71 quangos who receive funding from the Scottish Government.
He's right that a lot of paperwork that comes through government relates to the fact we have a lot of bureaucracy, too many quangos and too many rules.
He added: "Once we have completed the planned closures and mergers, we will continue to review all remaining quangos to ensure that never again will we end up with so many of these vast bureaucratic and unaccountable bodies.
It emerged earlier this year that Cameron's plan to axe quangos would cost pounds 830million - double the amount first predicted.
In the past, some quangos became little more than glorified rest homes for party hacks.
The quangos spent almost five million dollars of taxpayers' money using official credit cards under Labour in just three years between April 2007 and March 2010.
Quangos, or "quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations", are unelected advisory bodies, consumer watchdogs or organisations carrying out public services and are arms-length bodies funded by Whitehall departments but not run by them.
But the Government won't publish the number of quangos in Great Britain and name the people who have been on these quangos for years and how much their staff and members are paid but, with the Freedom of Information Act, would the Evening Chronicle if possible, publish these quangos in the North East and the names of the people and their staff and how much money they have been paid?
The School Food Trust was one of 192 quangos to be scrapped.
Many quangos grow to a bloated size and get forgetful about accountability and the need to deliver value for money for the taxpayer.
UP to seven agencies based in Birmingham face the axe under government plans to scrap so-called quangos.
GREEN campaigners are questioning plans to axe environmental quangos, saying the organisations are "good value for money".
A NUMBER of business quangos, which cost over pounds 8.
Tory leader David Cameron pledged a Conservative government would cut the number of quangos - starting with communications regulator Ofcom.