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a quasi nongovernmental organization

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In the debate, Independent councillor Philip Evans, Conwy's Cabinet member for governance and regulation, asked: "Have Assembly Members asked how many quangos the Welsh Assembly has set up?
FORTY-three quango executives in Scotland are paid more than First Minister Alex Salmond according to Reform Scotland.
The Coalition government vowed to cut government waste by axing 192 quangos, following a review of 901 bodies, 18 months ago, a pledge which became known as the 'bonfire of the quangos'.
The union was responding to government claims that abolishing the quangos would save 1.
We are more transparent about quangos and who works for them than any Government before.
In many cases these quangos hinder instead of help citizens and businesses by adding unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape.
Quangos have reportedly spent more than 3,000 pounds on skiing and skiwear in just three years.
The government's announcement that it will slash 192 quangos, costing thousands of jobs, is "worrying", says West Midlands Friends of the Earth.
PLANS to scrap nearly 200 quangos have been rushed through by Ministers in London, First Minister Carwyn Jones warned last night.
UP to seven agencies based in Birmingham face the axe under government plans to scrap so-called quangos.
A NUMBER of business quangos, which cost over pounds 8.
Tory leader David Cameron pledged a Conservative government would cut the number of quangos - starting with communications regulator Ofcom.
THERE is mounting anger at quangos enjoying spiralling budgets at a time when many large and small business have been forced to make staff redundant due to the economic recession.
Running Britain's quangos - unelected public bodies - has soared in cost to more than pounds 100billion a year.