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flower, quamash is native to Canada and the western United States, and
Like Camosun (for Victoria), those names carried a cachet because two stunning blue, multiheaded lilies--Camassia quamash and Camassia leichtlinii--provided a staple food crop that the First Nations depended on so fundamentally they went to war over them.
They originate from western North America where the Chinook Indians, who used to eat the bulbs, named them kamas or quamash.
The most popular species is Camassia esculenta, also tautologously known as Camassia quamash, which grows flower spikes to 80cm (32in) tall with blooms opening along the top 30cm (12in).
It's called the Quamash Prairie Wetland Mitigation Area, "quamash" being a Native American name for a plant known as "camas.