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maintenance of standards of quality of manufactured goods

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Most microcomputer-driven hematology analyzers are programed to average consecutive patient erythrocyte indices with a unique smoothing algorithm, named after Brian Bull who first described its use for quality control.
The fact that the program acts to review one's tax practice policies, procedures and techniques against a sliding scale determined by one's "tax practice quality control document" does not reassure me.
It instead interprets and lists specific FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rules and guidelines, and it provides useful recommendations for setting up, implementing and evaluating a quality control plan.
Briefly, the program involved training staff to apply the prompted voiding procedure to incontinent residents and to enter assessment data and quality control check data in the computer.
The risk of erroneous results is substantial because testing methodologies are often complex, usually involve multiple steps, adn are characterized by complicated or special reagent preparation, equipment that requires multiple operational steps (maximum operator-equipment interaction), complicated/extensive maintenance and troubleshooting, extensive calibration needs, and quality control that may require special materials and interpretation.
So, to identify the best inspection strategy for detecting systemic flaws in quality control systems, let's compare the relative merits of engagement reviews and risk management reviews.
Before submitting a formal proposal before the Regional Water Quality Control Board for approval, staffers will gather public input concerning the new river designation, said Bishop.
Justifiably, the smaller manufacturers displayed greatest interest in accuracy of measurement, quality control and data integration - more so than bookkeeping, which can easily be maintained with current commercial accounting software.
Writing of the Quality Policy Manual, the Quality Control Procedures and the Work Instructions (as required) should then be completed.
Administrative procedures are closely linked to quality control, and firm management must increasingly rely on these procedures as the firm grows or as the office use of information technology increases.
AQC Sperm Viability Quality Control Smears are supplied as eosin-nigrosin-stained semen smears on glass microscope slides.
And if recent events are any indication, it appears that the public and lawmakers also are focusing greater attention on the CPA's quality control system.
John Fogarty: The ASB is responsible for developing and communicating comprehensive performance, reporting and quality control standards and practice guidance that enable auditors of nonissuers to provide high-quality, objective audit and attestation services at a reasonable cost.
The delivery includes a metsoDNA machine control system, PaperIQ Plus quality control system, profiling actuators and CD controls, Parsytec WIS web inspection system, and Sensodec 6S condition and runnability monitoring system.
The developer works closely with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, which regulates chemicals in the river and recently approved a plan to reduce the amount of chloride in the river.
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