quality control

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maintenance of standards of quality of manufactured goods

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It's important to breathe, step back, and figure out what your firm is doing right, how you can improve, and how policies and procedures need to be tweaked to provide and maintain good quality control.
The AICPA sets out quality-control standards applicable to the accounting and auditing practice in Statement on Quality Control Standards (SQCS) No.
There is more sense in making sure the sides of the hemacytomer are within the defined agreement to ensure it is charged correctly rather than using any commercial quality control product.
Part II Methods for sensory quality control and analysis of results
EXHIBIT Evolution and Relationship of Quality Control Elements SQCS 1 Elements SQCS 2 Elements SQCS 7 Elements Leadership responsibility for quality within the firm Independence Independence, Relevant ethical integrity, and requirements objectivity Acceptance and Acceptance and Acceptance and continuation of continuation of continuation of client clients clients and relationships and specific engagements engagements Hiring Personnel management Human resources Professional development Advancement Assigning personnel to engagements Supervision Engagement Engagement performance performance Consultation Inspection Monitoring Monitoring
LenderLive's expanded quality control division enables lenders to fulfill these requirements.
Provide a general overview of a system of quality control.
2 -- color) no caption (Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board meeting)
Amasaka describes the method in his book Science SQC, New Quality Control Principle (Springer-Verlag Tokyo 2004).
The new company will join the ranks of several specialty suppliers who are working hard to meet heightened challenges in the nonwovens quality control field.
Suma Soft Private Limited, provider of business process outsourcing solutions in India and the United States, announced recently that EDS has selected a combination of KeyVision and KeySource, Suma Soft's data entry and quality control software, to process order forms for several of its clients.
Some manufacturers may have poor quality control where the amount of an active ingredient may differ from the amount listed.
We are a for-profit, private university, so we have organized the university very much like a business, based on quality control and customer feedback.
The group also reviewed the quality control measures at plants and made changes.
Over three decades ago, Selective Electronic, known today as LMI Selcom, developed the first in a line of non-contact laser sensors that would transfigure quality control procedures in the tire industry.
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