qualitative analysis

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Main features: Development of a qualitative analysis of the results of surveys conducted by the program on indicators of results.
The qualitative analysis is done for form factor, design architecture, substrate technology, products, devices, manufacturing process, thickness parameters, design configurations and others.
Seeking a qualitative analysis of these kinds of questions can provide information that will directly impact the terms in the purchase agreement.
Qualitative analysis on stage: Making the research process more public.
However, because such a qualitative analysis is very complex, almost everyone--including CPAs--uses quantitative estimates to identify potential materiality issues.
The results of the qualitative analysis do show dissatisfaction in those surveyed.
To address this gap in the literature, the authors conducted a qualitative analysis of interviews with 21 middle school students in a low-income, culturally diverse, inner-city public school.
A qualitative analysis of emails of students indicated that attitudes towards clients became more positive during the process, while attitudes towards self and supervisors were more likely to vary.
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