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Synonyms for qualifying

the grammatical relation that exists when a word qualifies the meaning of the phrase

success in satisfying a test or requirement


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Capturing these missing prospects and qualifying their needs helps our client to increase sales and revenues, and maximize their trade show ROI.
Kurt Busch's Roush Racing teammate, Matt Kenseth, who has a reputation for not qualifying well, was sixth fastest.
In other words, the financial benefit received by a qualifying business does not come in the form of avoidance or reduction of state taxes.
I did not get a chance to do a practice qualifying run.
Endowment test: The foundation normally must make qualifying distributions of at least two thirds of its minimum investment return, generally defined as 5% of the FMV of its investment assets.
No longer must the qualifying research be aimed at the development of new knowledge or significant improvements, or be limited to the attainment of basic design specifications.
After completion of the Qualifying Transaction, CTL will hold 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of CTI.
It could have been the full field, the temperate weather or a combination of the two, but the qualifying slightly outdrew last year's Friday qualifying.
Concurrent with the closing of the Qualifying Transaction, AFL completed a non-brokered private placement of 599,994 Units at a subscription price of $1.
Since no activity can quality for the research tax credit without first qualifying for deduction under section 174 (by virtue of section 41's cross-reference to section 174's definition of research), it follows that the section 174 definition of research similarly does not include a "significance" test.
These changes will result in the removal of 2,305 securities currently in the Index and the addition of 960 newly qualifying securities.
However, amounts qualifying for WCFB treatment are not counted in determining whether other educational assistance received during the year exceeds the $5,250 cap.
Vasser became the first American driver in nearly three years to win a pole in a series dominated by foreign drivers when he edged Brazilian Cristiano da Matta by the narrowest of margins in qualifying for the 28th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on Saturday.
TSX VENTURE:LTM) (the "Corporation") announces that the TSX Venture Exchange has withdrawn its conditional approval for the listing of the Corporation's shares in relation to the Corporation's proposed qualifying transaction with 3929311 Canada Inc.
139, disaster relief payments, which provides for reimbursements of reasonable and necessary personal, family, living or funeral expenses resulting from a qualifying disaster.