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The latter age estimation method also produced a better fit to a general trend of increases and decreases in population growth that is expected throughout the lifetime of the three individual clams, taking into account the uncertainty that exists when identifying annual growth bands in an ocean quahog, which is likely not greater than [+ or -] 5 y (Butler et al.
The OIT was inserted through one of the two notches in the quahog shell until the gill frontal surface and ventral margin could both be visualized (Fig.
In the introduction to his quahog booklet (Belding, 1912), he called for seeding the public flats by the various towns and the state as well as the introduction of more private "grants," now know as "aquaculture lease sites.
At 213x NGC 5474 delightfully reminds me of a quahog clamshell.
Those easily offended will be left openmouthed as Peter and his friends continue to get up to all kinds of mischief in Quahog.
405 ESTIMATED AGE, IN YEARS of a quahog cram found off the coast of iceland.
He further claims that in areas such as the eastern seaboard of the United States, where ITQs have been introduced into surf clam and quahog fisheries, workers and fishing communities have worried less about them because there are other industrial sectors close by to absorb their labour.
Peter Shin claimed the prize for directing a TV production for the ``Family Guy'' episode titled ``North by North Quahog,'' while Seth McFarlane won the TV voice acting honor as beyond-precocious baby Stewie in the series' ``Brian and the Bachelor'' episode.
To accurately characterize the direction and scale of productivity change, I examined the landmark adoptions of ITQs for two species of clam: the mid-Atlantic surf clam and the ocean quahog.
LITTLENECKS and CHERRYSTONES are not a distinct species; they're merely a smaller-sized quahog.
Further, consolidation of surfclam and ocean quahog quota is greater than National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) data indicate, because different quota holders of record are often part of a single corporation or family business that, in effect, controls many holdings.
These regulate the Atlantic Surf Clam and Ocean Quahog fisheries,(10) the Wreckfish fishery,(11) and the Alaskan Halibut and Sablefish fisheries.
This "Ocean Quahog Allocation Permit," issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service to a fleet of commercial clam-dredging boats, does just that.
as they term the quahog in these parts, as if her friend would-never mind could-somehow struggle free of her body's snare.
Weather permitting, Borden's clam boats harvest surf and quahog clams year-round off the southern coast of New Jersey.