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any of several public officials of ancient Rome (usually in charge of finance and administration)

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Quaestor is the third Hungarian brokerage to be investigated in recent weeks.
Comprised of 154 edicts in addition to a prologue and epilogue, the ET was the product of royal initiative, drawn up in the tradition of the praetor's edict of old by Roman jurisprudents working under the authority of the ancient imperial office of the quaestor.
Next was the election of Quaestors, whose duties include the running of the European Parliament, which also resulted in no member of his new group being elected, despite the fact that the places are usually allocated one apiece to each grouping.
Quaestor are one of the fastest growing research agencies in the UK and have a prestigious client list including Channel 4, B&Q, Barclays Bank, Littlewoods and Disney UK.
with organizations like Quaestor (from 1989 to 1999), Lazard (from 1986 to 1989) and Montagu (from 1979 to 1986).
Nele Lijnen, Chair of Senate Equal rights Committee; Ales Demol, MP, Gerald Kindermans, MP, Quaestor of Parliament; Prof.
8226; Police Chief Quaestor Ioan Buda, General Inspector, Border Police of Romania
25) However, it was not until 75 or 74 BC that a quaestor was sent to the province and as late as 67 BC before there is evidence of any provincial administration.
14 (Petra) -- Gendarmerie Department Director General Major General Tawfiq Tawalbeh on Wednesday met with Romanian Secretary of State, Head of the Public Order and Safety Department and Interior Police Quaestor Ioan Dascalu and discussed means and ways of boosting bilateral security and technical cooperation.
plants--to colonize), perithecium, EES eesome (attractive to the eye), teesoo (Dhak flowers) ES Esau, thesis, obese IC ici, police IES gieseckite (variety pinite), Schoenflies (mathematician) IS isblink, artiste, piste, ambergris, kris ISS pelisse (a fur garment), camiss (a Muslim shirt) OES oestrin AES aestivation, quaestor EAS Easter, yeast, grease, increase EEC fleece, Greece EIS eis-blink, leister (a fishing spear) EYS keystone IEC piece IIS iisblink (a luminous appearance on the horizon) caused by the reflection of light from ice) OEC oecist (the founder of an ancient Greek colony), dioecy IX Dix (the lowest trump in Bezique and other card games) short 's' sound followed by long 'E' sound.
Provincial magistracies included governors (79) of provinces and administrators, (80) such as a praetor, quaestor, prefect, juridicus, (81) proconsul, praetorian prefect, and the like (de quibus omnibus and singulis consulendus Johan.
Participating in all three conferences are Matthew Lovatt, chief executive, Quaestor Investment Management, who will discuss "The Latest Developments in Equity Market Neutral Quant Funds," and Eoin Murray, senior portfolio manager, First Quadrant Ltd.
already served as a military tribune, a quaestor and an aedile, before
Just for the fun of it jjGoogling a runner Quaestor 3.
It was conducted by Quaestor Research and Marketing Strategists.