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Synonyms for quadruplicate

any four copies

Related Words

reproduce fourfold

Related Words

having four units or components

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The software provides batch processing of the unknown quadruplicate spectra and for a particular sample and soil attribute, it provides the mean prediction and its standard deviation.
50] = Concentration of extract that is cytotoxic to 50% of cells The result represents mean values of quadruplicate experiment.
Results expressed as relative mean fluorescent intensity (RFU) for each set of quadruplicate spots of antigen, with a cutoff of 4,000 RFU and >63.
People were still working on electric typewriters, Oliver recalls, and permits required quadruplicate forms and a few days' wait.
Quadruplicate PCRs were performed for each sample and genomic DNA from a known 22qDS patient was included in every run, serving as a positive control.
Values are means [+ or -] standard deviations of quadruplicate determinations.
To evaluate any change in PEGylation, microscopic agglutination reactions were graded, in quadruplicate, on a hemocytometer for each RBC type and each simulated condition.
1103745)] were printed onto each chip in quadruplicate spots, once in each quadrant.
If you made a quadruplicate pentomino, how many pentomino shapes would you need to cover the quadruplicate?
1[micro]L were subjected in quadruplicate to be analysed by capillary gas chromatography.
In each test, each concentration was run in quadruplicate, and 4 beakers were left untreated as controls.
To compare the reproducibility of quantitation using Coomassie staining versus the UV irradiation technique, serial dilutions of a PAGE protein standard were run on polyacrylamide gels in quadruplicate, visualized with UV irradiation and subsequently stained with Coomassie G-250.
What normal human being, if they had a gob like his, would want reminding of their looks, in quadruplicate, every morning?
You almost have to request in quadruplicate every Welsh form you need six months in advance before getting one.
But the minute a patient passed the age of 65, the number of quadruplicate forms multiplied, and much more unnecessary, time-consuming work was required.