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Synonyms for quadruplex

having four units or components

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html) "Quantitative visualization of DNA-G quadruplex structures in human cells.
Feigon, "Thrombin-Binding DNA Aptamer Forms a Unimolecular Quadruplex Structure in Solution," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 90, no.
Dans la metropole canadienne, la classe ouvriere et une grande partie de la classe moyenne s'etablissent plutot dans les << plex >>: duplex, triplex, quadruplex.
It did adopt more complex duplex and quadruplex systems, which allowed two and then four messages to be sent simultaneously.
Though he invented the quadruplex telegraph on his own, Thomas Edison used funds from the sale of that machine to establish the first industrial research lab.
Suited for simultaneous proteome analysis of four protein samples, Biophoretics' Serva ICPL Quadruplex kit now includes ICPLQuant analysis software.
Speculum quadruplex, Naturale, Doctrinale, Morale, Historiale.
150) Zwingli referenced Basil twenty-nine times in his works, most of these, in his marginal notes to Jerome's Quadruplex Psalterium.
This new range of pumps is available in Simplex, Duplex and Quadruplex configurations with Triplex configuration to follow by the end of the year.
Dick also had ideas about the role of quadruplex DNA in
16) Although its meaning is said to have originated in quadruplex telegraphy it migrated rapidly to include all glitches in electrical transmission.
GC-rich sequences, in general, have the tendency to form quadruplex or hairpin structures [16].
CX-3543 is a proprietary small molecule designed to selectively interact with quadruplex nucleic acid structures and induce apoptotic cell death in cancer cells.
There is also a fascinating quadruplex available at St James, Apartment 6 with multi levels from ground to third floor.