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Synonyms for quadruplet

the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy


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a set of four similar things considered as a unit

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Now considering CS as a example, the bonding mechanism is predicted a strong electron transfer for CS to 2pz orbital of boron, giving rise to a s-bond, a back-bonding interaction in the p-system, as well as a stronger B-CS bond in the quadruplet than doublet.
Obstetrician Jane Chueh, MD, director of prenatal diagnosis and therapy at the Johnson Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Services at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, is talking about a naturally conceived pregnancy that led to the birth of quadruplets Audrey, Emma, Natalie and Isabelle Wang.
A 27-year-old mother has given birth on Friday night to a quadruplet, in an operation that took about one hour in al-Haj Jalal Hospital in Numaniya township, 40 kms to the north of Kut, the center of Wassit Province," Dr.
Prof Neilson added: ``Only two quadruplet pregnancies occur naturally in every million pregnancies.
The teams included physicians, nurses and staff from OB, Anesthesiology and Neonatology, and they responded very well to the challenge of delivering quadruplets.
London, July 2 (AN): A 20-year-old woman in Britain, who was told at the age of 15 she would never have children, has beaten twenty five million-to-one odds to give birth to quadruplets.
Abu Dhabi Even though multiple pregnancies run in her family, 26-year-old Al Shaima Hamza Kamal Aideen was utterly amazed when first told that she was expecting quadruplets.
Chin and colleagues have now redesigned the cell's machinery so that it reads the genetic code in quadruplets.
TWO friends are celebrating after both gave birth to quadruplets in the same hospital, within days of each other.
Cameras follow Hertfordshire couple Jose and Julie (above) as they prepare for the birth of quadruplet girls.
Barring fertility drugs, quadruplet births are very uncommon, said Maha Elmeligy, a neonatologist for Valley Presbyterian, adding the chances are about one in 100,000.
A MOTHER has been jailed for 150 years for shaking her quadruplet babies so hard they looked like they had been in a car crash.
Complications in the womb with quadruplet Terry Cole forced doctors to bring the four siblings into the world only seven months into the pregnancy, a common occurrence for a most uncommon type of pregnancy.
Emma has a ``harmless growth'' above her left eye that doctors say is unrelated to the fact that she's a quadruplet, and Kimberly said medical options include treatments to shrink it, surgery to remove it - or the bump might just go away on its own.
2--Ran in Valley Edition only) Kimberly Jacobsson holds two of her quadruplet daughters while registered nurse Ampy Rotter packs baby gear for the trip home.