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paralysis of both arms and both legs

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OPAK said quadriplegics receive e1/4854 per month from the state, a feat they achieved in 2006 on the basis that for three shifts a week, a domestic worker from a third country would be employed for 150 Cyprus pounds per month.
The researchers assessed outcomes of nerve-transfer surgery in nine quadriplegic patients with spinal cord injuries in the neck.
A few years ago, the appellate court affirmed the conviction of a quadriplegic (one whose arms and legs are paralyzed) who was sentenced to life in prison for rape despite my strong appeal on his behalf.
15 ( ANI ): A quadriplegic woman from Pittsburgh-area has learned to move a robotic arm using her mind.
Doctors found that tested users, both healthy and quadriplegic, were able to easily play computer game with almost the same speed of a mouse or joystick and also drive a wheelchair around a complex.
This year, there will be 11 clients of Isaacs crossing that finish line -- from 14-year-old Kirsten Jacobsen, who has cerebral palsy, to 77-year-old Degania Golove, a quadriplegic who will walk with the use of a front-wheel walker.
The end result--actually seeing a quadriplegic patient stand and walk using only his mind and some specially created medical devices required to make it so--is enough to get anyone excited about the potential of this technology.
The Freehand System restores some movement in quadriplegics like Nichole.
This important study challenges the long-held view of avoiding indwelling catheters among quadriplegics.
Postdischarge outcomes for ventilator-dependent quadriplegics.
To many people glasses are a sometimes a mere nuisance, but to quadriplegics glasses can be a constant source of aggravation.
QUADRIPLEGICS and other disabled persons are to receive better and broadened state benefits, following an amendment voted by parliament yesterday.
In a nutshell: Quadriplegics play rugby - and play it for keeps - in this rough-and-ready documentary that inspires with neither hand-wringing nor sugarcoating.
Monkeys are perfect helpmates for quadriplegics, people paralyzed from the neck down who are unable to use their own hands (and legs).
They expect quadriplegics will be able to use this pocket-size electronic device within the next 5 years.