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paralysis of both arms and both legs

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Children with spastic diplegia and quadriplegia are less successful at tasks that require motor activity, compared to verbal tasks [13].
And in my case, I still have [cerebral palsy] and quadriplegia.
Quadriplegia occurs when neck area of the spinal cord is injured; a major spinal cord is injury may interfere with breathing as well as moving limb.
In this study, we compared components of HRQOL between subjects with paraplegia (injury level at thoracolumbar sections) and quadriplegia (injury level at cervical sections) to determine whether injury level can be used as a determinant of HRQOL among people with chronic SCI.
Accordingly the objective of our study was to determine the frequency of the various causes of nontraumatic compressive myelopathy on MRI in patients with paraplegia or quadriplegia.
Casey was born with severe epilepsy, cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia and has required constant care.
Speaking to reporters, her father said he had brought his daughter to the hospital, who was three years old at the time, to remove a foreign body from her nose, but unfortunately she suffered from quadriplegia paralysis that prompted him to file a case with the commission.
Twin Jayla Mullen, who has quadriplegia spastic cerebral palsy, has suffered with agonising pains in her legs for most of her life.
Revelations After 21 Years chronicles one woman's challenges with quadriplegia and the secondary conditions that come with it.
Siblings with rare spastic quadriplegia smile through their pain
The proceeds of the four-day festival will be allocated for the Foundation's patients including those who are suffering from diseases of quadriplegia and migraines, brain death, artificial respiration, stages of late cancer and the elderly people.
Jacob Dewis, now 20 years old, can barely walk and has "significant motor problems", including cerebral palsy and quadriplegia.
Typical disabilities include cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, sight and hearing impairment, amputees, head injuries, epilepsy, spastic quadriplegia and muscular dystrophy.
There are groups such as severe anorexia, those who are rehabilitating after severe head injury or after major trauma, stroke, quadriplegia.