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A quadrillion is a thousand trillion (or one followed by 15 noughts).
The report indicated that since 2008, US petroleum production has increased seven quadrillion Btu (British thermal units) with "dramatic" growth in Texas and North Dakota.
The supercomputer, which was constructed from commercially available parts by IBM and Los Alamos National Laboratory, became the first computer to break the petaflop barrier, processing a quadrillion computations a second.
86 quadrillion operations per second, surpassing the U.
86 quadrillion (one thousand million million) operations per second, surpassing the US Titan supercomputer.
The chemicals made up six parts per quadrillion in untreated water.
52 quadrillion BTU, almost half the consumption of Libya, compared to more than 2 quadrillion BTU in Algeria (see down14TunisEnrBaseApr5-10).
The AromaTrax[R] GCMS-Olfactometry System combines state-of-the-art technology with the human nose to identify specific chemical odorants--down to parts per trillion or quadrillion.
7 quadrillion BTUs of end-use energy in 2008, mostly from operating an enormous stock of buildings and their systems and equipment.
DEAR Dr Maths, Having heard on the news recently that someone was incorrectly charged $23 quadrillion on their credit card, I wondered what is the name of the largest number?
2 quadrillion dollars (Zimbabwean of course, not US), equivalent to 4000 US dollars.
In the nominal sums that are on the accountants' books, half a quadrillion dollars.
Ultimately, the aim of the H PCS is to provide systems capable of running more than two to four petaFLOPS, which translates into more than two to four quadrillion floating point operations/sec.
15 quadrillion synapses (junctions between a nerve cell and another cell) in the brain's cortex.
World energy production from oil, 2003 148 quadrillion Btu*