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a period of four years

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The Study Group hopes to create and publish an anthology of accessible theological essays and Bible studies on Unity in Mission for seminary and parish use at the end of the quadrennium.
The General Assembly found the WSCF to be in good condition at the end of the 2004-2008 quadrennium.
The Pan Am Games Team, selected once each quadrennium in the year preceding the Olympic Games, will compete in nine events between August 1-17, 2003, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Each TOP has signed into a quadrennium, a four-year deal that keeps them in the Olympic market place - and everyone else out.
During his six decades as elder and bishop (1860-1918) in the AMEZ Church, the denomination grew from 5,000 to 750,000 members, the position of bishop replaced the old one of superintendent (1860), bishops began to serve for life instead of having to stand for reelection each quadrennium (1880), and bishops were forced to retire at age seventy-four (1916).
For example, the 2008-11 quadrennium of the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.
Scherr said the USOC spent $480 million in this quadrennium, and says more money will be required for the U.
McDonald's today announced its worldwide sponsorship of the Olympic Games for the 2001-2004 quadrennium, continuing the company's long-standing commitment to the international Olympic Movement.
The most noteworthy feature in connection with our Book Room and Publishing interests during the Quadrennium, has been the successive issue of six editions of the New Hymn-book, varying in size and price from the small pearl type edition to the large Pulpit Hymn-book.
If every county chairman raised $1,000 per year, that would be $300,000 in a quadrennium," Phillips says.
Olympic Committee and is developing special lines of products for the Olympic quadrennium, extending through 1996.
ATHENS, Greece - What a difference a quadrennium makes.
In preparation for the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Xerox for the first time studied and catalogued each of the 2,000 unique documents necessary to operate the Olympics, in effect creating a digital archive that can be used during the next Olympic quadrennium.
is attempting to reach the World Cup, the planet's biggest single-sport event, for the fourth consecutive quadrennium after a 40-year absence ended in 1990.
Committee to become a Worldwide Sponsor for the 1997 - 2000 quadrennium.