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Synonyms for quadrate

having four equal sides and four right angles


to be compatible or in correspondence

Words related to quadrate

a cubelike object

a square-shaped object

Related Words

having four sides and four angles

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Tylopoda (oromerycids, camelids, oreodontoids, protoceratids): Ms primitively bunoselenodont, quadrate, each with mesostyle plus bitubercular distal lobe bearing enlarged metaconule as distolingual cusp; ectomesocuneiform (North American origin).
The tissue was dissected to approach the quadrate bone, avoiding the closely associated facial nerve and extensive vasculature.
The Elegant Fare catering company's volunteer program for this year's annual Western and Southern Financial Group Masters and Women's Open tennis tournament in Mason, OH gave Quadrate the opportunity to be part of a project to do just that.
Quadrate is the technology developer that has brought ground-breaking data technology to the SAP R/3 environment.
Descriptive- chi quadrate statistics to observe frequency tendencies
Fifteen characters showed too little variation within the family--were too consistent--to be useful: Degree of ossification of the nasal septum, degree of ossification of the nasal conchs, presence or absence of a horizontal flange of the nasal septum (= floor of the nasal capsule), rostral palatines twisted or not, shape of orbital process of quadrate bone, shape of retroarticular process of mandible, completeness of rostral palate, shape of process 7b of mandible, shape of pseudotemporal process of mandible, presence or absence of a free lacrimal bone, degree of fusion of pterygoid-palatine junction, ratio of ulna length: humerus length, ratio of tibiotarsus length: tarsometatarsus length, degree of squamosal inflation, shape and size of the rostral end of the vomer.
In each quadrate all living woody individuals [greater than or equal to] 10.
While exploring the Internet and viewing some paintings by Wassily Kandinsky (Russian-born; 1866-1944), I came across one of his studies on colors, Farbstudie Quadrate (1913), a series of 12 squares filled with repeating concentric circles.
All mussels, living and dead, in each quadrate were collected by hand and placed in a bucket to be sorted by species.
Vinlandostrophia species having shells quadrate to subquadrate in outline, with maximum width in anterior third of shell; radial ornament of angular costate, three costae in sulcus, four on fold and six to eight costae on flanks of both valves; ventral sulcus and dorsal fold prominent, shallow to moderately deep; septalium V-shaped.
com), two software and computer-aided creative design firms; and Palle Quadrate which plans to open a restaurant commissary and catering operation.
The lateral aspect of the elbow is supported by several ligaments including the radial collateral ligament, the annular ligament, the quadrate ligament, and the lateral ulnar collateral ligament.