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Synonyms for quadrate

having four equal sides and four right angles


to be compatible or in correspondence

Words related to quadrate

a cubelike object

a square-shaped object

Related Words

having four sides and four angles

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Subsequently, the total weight and mean of each debris type was calculated in ten quadrates at each site.
2): Epandrial lobe rather large and somewhat quadrate, with 5 long setae along dorsal margin.
4 (entelodondds): Ms bunodont, quadrate, with tritubercular distal lobes, uninterrupted TVs, but paraconules unreduced (OW origin).
Results showed the pneumatic cavity of the left quadrate bone was filled with material that was homogeneously hypointense to fat and hyperintense to muscle (Fig 1).
The quadrate matrix of transition probabilities for the whole communication system for one value of the parameter u is given in (19)
Each replicate consisted in a core sample of the top 20 cm of sediment, using a cylindrical corer (14 cm in diameter), within a randomly chosen 20-x-20-cm subsquare of one independently dropped quadrate.
Per Quadrate Number : Per quadrate numbers were calculated by dividing number of specimen/specimens belonging to Lepidoptera with total number of quadrates per sampling from selected crops.
Farbstudie Quadrate (Color Study of Squares)" - Wassily Kandinsky
5 whorls; sculpture strongly cancellate; first whorl initially sculptured only with widely spaced, rib-like, axial pliculae (ca 15), but 3 spiral cords develop soon thereafter, one forming shoulder, another level with the abapical suture and the third between these at whorl periphery; cords persist and become progressively stronger with growth; an additional (fourth) subsutural cord may or may not develop on the shoulder during the last or penultimate whorl; no intermediary spiral cords; intervals between cords wider than cords themselves; last adult whorl with 20-30 axial pliculae; pliculae narrower than cords and somewhat lamellate, sometimes raised into squamose nodules where they cross cords; interstices obliquely quadrate.
The correlation between in-phase and quadrate maps indicate the high conductivity connected to contamination occurring in the northeastern part.
Relevant anatomical features diagnosing this taxon as a primitive member of a subset of species within the genus Salvelinus include: a broad, dish-shaped hyomandibula; a quadrate in which the anterior and posterior borders form an acute angle; and a long, flat maxilla.
1) In medioposition, the gallbladder is displaced medially to the base of the quadrate lobe (segment 4) but remains to the right of the round ligament.
It is characterized by an erect flattened blade arising from the discoid holdfast, having 'hairs' from the surface edge and surface cells that are quadrate or rectangular in rows (Fletcher, 1987).