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blindness in one fourth of the visual field

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Lesions of the optic chiasm can produce a variety of visual field defects including bitemporal hemianopia, junctional scotoma (anterior chiasmal defect), quadrantanopia and bitemporal, or unilateral temporal scotoma depending on the site and extent of the lesion.
Typically, patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) present with weakness, hemianopia or quadrantanopia, and cognitive abnormalities.
Item 3 is scored: 0 - no visual loss; 1 - partial hemianopsia, which includes quadrantanopia (visual loss in a quadrant of the total visual field); 2 - complete hemianopsia or loss of vision in both top and bottom quadrants on the right or left side of the patient's visual field; 3 - is scored if visual loss is noted on both right and left sides of the visual fields or total blindness.
11) These may be homonymous hemianopia, quadrantanopia, or a bilateral constriction.
Unilateral infarcts cause contralateral visual field abnormalities such as inferior and/or superior quadrantanopia.
d Right enlarged blind spot; left superior nasal quadrantanopia