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the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea

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The 9th QAT of private schools associated with Subject Based Support Program (SBSP) will be held in second week of January 2016.
Roughly 80 percent of plots [in Autma], formerly used by farmers to grow grains, are now being used to grow qat," said Badi Abdu Ali, an advisor at the Ministry of Agriculture.
The woman, who claimed the qat was for personal use, was interrogated by police and then referred to the Central Drug Control Office in Beirut for further investigation.
The report notes that the two main entry points for qat into Europe are the
He said the solution to the water issue was to ban qat cultivation, but acknowledged that would be impossible because qat is so entrenched in Yemeni society.
The pastime provided Peter with the title for his travelogue, Cool for Qat.
What were formally fields, villages and individual farms with their orchards, qat plantations and sorghum fields have now been incorporated into a huge low-rise Los Angeleno fabric that reaches to the feet of the surrounding mountains.
Because of its amphetamine-like properties (it has a stimulant-euphoric effect) the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has classified possession of qat as a felony.
Easy to grow and sell at profitable levels, Qat became attractive to farmers.
QAT of schools partnering under phase 9 of foundation assisted school program will be held on December 4 to December 8 this year; while 16th FAS-QAT of school partners will be held on December 16 to December 23.
routine checkup, servicing,repairs including minor and major spare parts replacement at various wtps and reservoirs of hmws&sb for a period of (2) two years, under central chlorination cell, qat wing
C1/4The mild stimulant that some people use to kick qat cravings is a cultural import from IndiaC[degrees].
According to schedule, preQAT of foundation assisted school (phase 9) partners will be held in third week of November, while 15th QAT of FAS partners will be held in second week of December, this year.
Manama: A Saudi border patrol has arrested a lorry driver and seized 37 kilograms of qat, the evergreen plant whose leaves are used as a stimulant, hidden in the petrol tank and spare tyre.
Qat is a leaf that most of Yemenis chew for four to six hours daily.