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an Islamic judge

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In it, a voice alleged to be that of Qadi tells a person believed to be Bilal Erdoy-an in English to warn his father, who was the prime minister at the time, about his strong public criticism of Saudi Arabia.
RAK Properties is in advanced stages of discussion with a luxury resort operator to manage a resort hotel property in the Mina Al Arab, Al Qadi said in the statement.
The recent results have prompted us to continue our efforts to launch new projects and deliver Flamingo Villas by the end of this year," Al Qadi added.
Al Qadi cited company policy for the muted half-year growth numbers, and insisted cash was there.
Al Qadi added, " Yemen's oil production is currently sourced from Sab'atayn and Masilah onshore basins.
But while most charities are focusing on providing food, shelter and healthcare to them, Al Qadi said he wanted to address the children's emotional needs.
I have an important message from the elderly that will take just two minutes of parliament's time," said Mr Al Qadi.
Qadi was added to the UN blacklist in October 2001 for being a suspected associate of late Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
Dispensing justice in Islam; Qadis and their judgements.
Marwan Al Qadi, senior director of electronic and mobile commerce, Etisalat, said: "Today, mobile phones have become the most important personal item for individuals, and I am glad to note that Etisalat is developing solutions that are optimizing the value and utility of mobile phones for customers.
Makkah, Jumada I 11, 1433, Apr 3, 2012, SPA - Under Secretary For Hajj Affairs Hatem bin Hassan Qadi met here today Abdul-Hakim Ali Al-Abdullah, the Head of Qatar's Hajj delegation and its members.
According to a document provided by Qabbani, the tenant's name was Rafik Qadi.
Soldiers arrested Qadi from his home in Surif, a town northwest of Hebron, after surrounding it and raiding his house, searching it and tampering with its contents.
In remarks to Petra on the sidelines of a ceremony to sign a licensing agreement with Al-Insaniyah (humanity) new television station, Qadi dismissed complaints by some satellite stations that Jordan was overcharging them for licensing and annual air time.
Audiovisual Commission (AMC) Director General Amjad Al Qadi urged private satellite TV channels working in the Kingdom to maintain media moral guidelines in serving publicly accepted norms.