pyruvic acid

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a colorless acid formed as an important intermediate in metabolism or fermentation

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Due to the vital importance of pyruvic acid determination in agricultural and biomedical samples as described above, no wonder that numerous analytical techniques used for its determination have been reported over the years.
1b] fraction isolated from a patient with glycogenose type I includes peaks that correspond to the [alpha]-chain (15 127 Da), the pyruvic acid adduct of the [beta]-chain (15 938 Da), and the latter's decarboxylated form (15 894 Da).
The uni versity team,led by Dr Meriel Jones and Dr Hamish Collin, were able to halve the level of pyruvic acid in the new onion by growing it in low sulphur soils.
But one of the biggest bonuses is that it won't make people cry when they cut it up, because there is hardly any pyruvic acid inside.
All of the tests generated some pyruvic acid, but this key chemical was more abundant in experiments run at the higher pressures.
Pyruvic acid: sugar is broken down into pyruvic acid which is then used in the formation of energy.
12% sodium bicarbonate, 4 mM L-glutamine (all from Invitrogen), 100 IU/ml penicillin, 100 [micro]g/ml streptomycin, 40 [micro]g/ml fangizone, 25 mg/ml insulin, 100 mg/ml transferrin, 60 mM putrescine, 30 nM sodiumselenite, 6 mg/ml D-(1)-glucose, 30 mg/ml pyruvic acid, 1 mg/ml DL-lactic acid (all from Sigma-Aldrich), 5 mg/ml bovine albumin (ICN Biomedical, USA), 2 mM L-glutamine, 5 x [10.
Lactic acid is made from milk; pyruvic acid is made from glucose; and glycolic acid is made from sugar cane.
Glycylglycine hydrochloride (Sigma), sodium chloride UT Baker), sodium bicarbonate UT Baker), potassium chloride (Merck), urea (Merck), ammonium chloride UT Baker), vitamin C (Aldrich), citric acid (Aldrich), lactic acid sodium salt (Fluka), pyruvic acid sodium salt (Sigma-Aldrich), chicken egg albumin (Sigma-Aldrich), bovine [gamma]-globulins from Cohn fraction II and III (Sigma), chicken egg white lysozyme (Sigma-Aldrich), 2,2-diethoxyacetophenone (DEAP; Acros Organics), acrylamide (AA; Sigma), NN'-methylenebisacrylamide (bisAA; Sigma), poly(ethylene glycol), monomethacrylate 400 (PEG; Polysciences, Inc.
In the next step, the ions catalyzed the addition of a carbon molecule to the acetic acid to get three-carbon pyruvic acid, which is another key chemical in the citric acid cycle and also reacts with ammonia to form amino acids, which themselves link up to form proteins.
In severe lactic acidosis (1-4), secondary increases of pyruvic acid, 2-hydroxybutyric acid, and 4-hydroxyphenyllactic acid are common (5).
Pyruvic acid overlaps with phthalic, N-acetylaspartic, and glycolic acids; pyroglutamic acid overlaps with 3-hydroxybutyric acid; phenylpyruvic acid overlaps with orotic and hydroxyisovaleric acids; and p-hydroxyphenyl pyruvic and phenyllactic acids overlap with xanthurenic and homogentisic acids.
Except for pyruvic acid, recoveries ranged from 86% to 110%; for methylmalonic, citric, propionic, lactic, and 3-hydroxybutyric acids, recoveries did not differ statistically from 100%.