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any of a group of crystalline silicate mineral common in igneous and metamorphic rocks

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We did not conduct a detailed investigation into mineral chemistry except for SEM/EDS analyses of some plagioclase and pyroxene phenocrysts in a sample of the dyke at Swans Island, which are presented in Appendix A.
He thinks NWA 7325 could belong to a class of meteorites known as primitive achondrites, which contain chromium-rich pyroxene and are low in iron.
Andesite is an aphanitic and extrusive igneous rock composed of the Na-rich plagioclase, pyroxene and amphibole.
Diopside A monoclinic pyroxene mineral with composition
It was established that quartz, plagioclase and pyroxene made the most positive influence on the resistance of clay roofing tiles to frost.
The particles' main components are minerals, such as olivine and pyroxene.
Just like the rocks on Earth, Moon's have lots of basalt and olivine, pyroxene, and mafic breccias, along with plagioclase feldspar, also known as anorthosite.
2] has been shown to exist in the soil in crystalline form and in pyroxene type minerals, stable in the soil and highly insoluble (Guillet and Souchier 1979).
The basalt (solid lava) is mostly made of many very small crystals of feldspar and pyroxene minerals.
Gabbro is a medium or coarse-grained rock that consists primarily of plagioclase feldspar and pyroxene.
36]Cl forms by the impact of cosmic rays on potassium and calcium atoms that are abundant in common minerals such as feldspar, pyroxene, and mica.
This specific deposit contains 70 per cent calcite, a form of calcium carbonate; 10 per cent apatite, a rock phosphate (source of calcium and phosphorous); 15 per cent biotite/vermiculite; and 5 per cent of accessory minerals such as pyroxene, chlorite, magnetite, and feldspar.
Diamond crystals develop alongside the garnet and pyroxene crystals.