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a deep red garnet used as a gemstone

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The first of these is pyrope garnet, the name coming from the Greek word for fiery.
Picro-ilmenite is the most abundant indicator mineral present and significant numbers of pyrope garnets (48 grains in 47 samples) and chromites (82 grains in 71 samples) were recovered.
Detailed till sampling was completed in nineteen priority areas outside of the known boulder trains, where anomalous till samples with high diamond potential pyrope garnets were recovered in 2004.
Deep purple pyrope garnets were found in several distinct locations.
Overburden sampling of tills, beach sands and modern alluvium down ice from the magnetic targets resulted in the recovery of numerous kimberlite indicator minerals, including G10 pyrope garnets and chrome spinels with chemistries in the diamond inclusion field.
IOS recovered significant numbers of kimberlitic pyrope garnets, high magnesium picroilmenites and diamond inclusion composition chromite grains, encouraging the Company to proceed with an expanded program.
Samples collected within the North Anomaly have returned very promising indicator mineral counts including G10 and eclogitic pyrope garnets with compositions supporting diamond potential.
Among the field identified kimberlite indicator mineral grains are 47 clinopyroxene, 81 eclogitic garnets, 160 pyrope garnets, some having purple colour, some possible olivine grains as well as many exceptional, clear heavy mineral grains to be checked as possible diamonds.